Annabelle Breakey

Food Photographer

About Annabelle

Annabelle Breakey was born and raised in San Francisco. She attended the Academy of Art University of San Francisco and graduated from there in 1990.

(Upon research, no personal information such as age, place of birth, and family background was found)

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Annabelle Breakey is a food, still life and life style photographer based in San Francisco. Her work has appeared in numerous advertisements, editorials, cookbooks, and web campaigns worldwide for many well known companies and franchises. What's made her famous are the companies that have asked her to shoot for them such as, Burger King, McDonald's,Taco Bell, 49ers, Sharpie, Annie's, Marie Callendar's, Blue Diamond Almonds, The North Face, Culinary institute of America, Hidden Valley Ranch, and her biggest and one of her favorite clients, Starbucks.

What She Says About Her Work|What Others Say About Her Work

"I like the pretty stuff. Who doesn't? Well, rather, I really love pretty light on pretty stuff. I love food, I love finely made merchandise, I love how humans can be captured in a moment that transcends time.

And if you are wondering about capabilities, I have been shooting since 1990 when I received a bfa in photography from the Academy of Art University. I have continued with passion and love for photography ever since."

" should pop over and check out her beautiful work… especially how she plays with light. It’s magical. She definitely inspires me!" - Lara Ferroni Photography

What I Appreciate About Her Work

Annabelle Breakey takes the most beautiful still life photos of food. Her use of natural light gives the photo and suibjects so much more character and really give the pictures life. Even though everything is obviously staged when she shoots for huge companies, she makes everything look natural and as if it just fell into place naturally and captures the beauty of the subjects gracefully.
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