Fresh like the very first time.

100% Freshness Guaranteed!

Virginitea provides customers with beverages that are made to ensure that every customers leave the tea house happy and satisfied.

The authentic orgasmic sensation all loyal customers come back for. Visit us now!

  • Authentic and original Virginitea beverages
  • Features delicacies from Charm City Cakes (Ace of Cakes)
  • Good-looking baristas from Wilhelmina and IMG
  • WiFi access and smoking lounge
  • In-house DJs and open party grounds

Beverage price ranges from 80-150 Php and delicacies from 60-80 Php. Prices may change accordingly without notice.

Happy Thursdays

Thursday, June 20th, 10pm


Celebrating 10 years of clean fun, Virginitea invites you every Happy Thurdays for another spectacular event. In-house DJs, Tea pong parties, night long fun every Thursdays starting at 10! Free flowing drinks and midnight baristas for a better mix of various beverages only available during this event. Neon themed clothes is a must. See you every Thursdays!

Promo of the Year: Virginitea Loyalty Card

Every purchase entitles you with reward points that loyal customers could use to purchase more products from our store. These points may also be used with our sponsors like Gap, American Eagle Apparel, Forever 21, Terranova, and more stores to come. For the list of sponsors, visit our website at