By: Anne baxter

What does Venus look like?

Venus is a yellow planet with a little bit of brown too. Venus is a rocky planet with volcanos. No living thing can live on Venus. That's what Venus looks like.

Venus has a twin!

Venus and Earth are both twins. Venus and earth was almost going to be the same. Over a period of a few million years forces Venus to be very diffrent course then earth. Venus is the evil twin.So Venus and earth are still twins but not the same.

Ever wondered how much Venus days and years.

  • One of Venus's day is 5,832 hours. The length of a year is 225 earth days! One day Venus had 245 earth days to spin one time around. There are lots of hour's in a day and so much earth days to.

Venus is Hot!

Venus atmosphere traps sun light and makes the planet hot. The temperature reaches to about 900 F. Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system. Venus is a very hot planet.

Fun facts about Venus !

When walking on Venus it feels like you are at the bottom of the ocean. Venus thick clouds still hide secrets. Venus is also known of the morning star. Venus has so many secrets hiding in the clouds.