Collaboration Day Agenda

Malley Drive Elementary

Working together

  • What parts of our team "functioning", is well oiled, efficient and working?
  • What parts of our team "functioning", is stuck, off balance or in need of an adjustment?
  • What shifts do we need to make?


  • What does further analysis of our students' reading data show us?
  • What does this mean as the wheels move forward in literacy instruction?
  • What adjustments and or tweaks need to be made?

Sharing Our Classrooms through Learning Labs

Review protocol and norms for observation

Teacher A

  • watch
  • student evidence
  • instructional decisions

Repeat process with Teacher B and Teacher C

Instructional Implications

Personal Reflection and Share

Group Implications and Next Steps


Looking at the upcoming ELA unit of study, what do students need to know, understand and be able to do?

    • develop the end of the unit summative assessment/rubric

    • determine weekly pacing and planning

    • determine shared reading resources and lesson planning

Looking at the current WRITING unit of study, what do the upcoming lessons require students to know, understand, and be able to do?

  • Where might we need to adjust/review/reteach in order to support students in meeting the standards?
  • How will we continue to support one another in moving forward?
  • How might we need to adjust pacing?
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TOOLS you'll need for the day:

  1. YOU!
  2. your computer
  3. Units of study- ELA and the Writing Research Unit of Study
  4. Common Core State Standards Spiral Notebook
  5. Recent reading student data including PALS (text levels, etc)- MAP data will be provided
  6. Shared reading resources for the upcoming unit (so that we can maximize our time planning, not searching!)

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