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...Sugar, Sugar Everywhere...

Lancaster February Wellness Seminar

Sugar is Killing Us

Sugar, Sugar Everywhere

Many nutritionists agree that added sugar is the single worst ingredient in the modern diet. It can have harmful effects on our metabolism and cause all sorts of diseases. There is even considerable evidence that sugar can contribute to cancer.

To support wellness, it's important to take a look at this very important topic and once and for all, gain a grip on how to resolve it in our lives.

This month we will discuss how sugar affects the body and the metabolic balance necessary to maintain good health. We will discuss how sugar affects the brain, which is the decision making center for the food choices we make. This interactive program will provide you invaluable information for you and your family to begin a new course of action to gaining great health.

Natural Alliance Wellness Seminar

Tuesday, Feb. 25th, 6-8:30pm

Farm & Home Center, 1383 Arcadia Road, Lancaster 17603 | 717.392.4911

The wellness seminars are always FREE! Please bring 2 cans of healthy, non-perishable food to help replenish the Lancaster Food Banks. Your support will be greatly appreciated.

Your body on sugar

Each week, the average American consumes about a pound of sugar in various forms and ways. What's important to know is 1 in 3 Americans will become obese. Learn how to banish the sugar blues and have the body you desire. For the past 27 years Dr. Tom Heath has focused his wellness practice on healing the whole body. With his exhaustive experience in working with the thyroid, his research and client experiences have led him to be one of the most sought out experts in the field. To learn more about Dr. Tom Heath and how he serves others visit Heath Wellness Center.

Your brain on sugar

Have you ever wondered how your lack of energy and sugar cravings may be affecting your brain? Learn how Alzheimer's Disease is now classified as Type 3 Diabetes and how it's impact on the brain is very real. Dr. Pamela Howard has as her personal and professional quest to help people make healthier choices. Her clients value her vast knowledge of the impact of good nutrition and appreciate her willingness to freely share with those willing to learn. To learn more about Dr. Pam Howard and how she serves others, visit Advanced Thermal Imaging.

Meeting Details

6:00 pm -- 6:30 pm Shop with our vendors
6:30 pm -- 7:15 pm Dr. Tom Heath Heath Wellness Center
7:15 pm -- 7:45 pm Shop with our vendors
7:45 pm -- 8:30 pm Dr. Pamela Howard Advanced Thermal Imaging

Help us, help others

Here's how you can help. Bring two cans of healthy, non-perishable food to donate to our local food bank to help others in need. Your support will help us, help others to pay it forward in our local community.

About Natural Alliance

Creators of the Natural Alliance Wellness Seminars, for the past 19 years, Patrick and Lori Kirkham's passion has been helping others make informed choices on their wellness journey. By connecting healthcare practitioners, businesses, organizations, and research with those they serve, they advocate that knowledge can become your strongest advocate to wellness.