Spotlight on Specials

First Grade- 4th Quarter 2015-2016

Exploratory Team

The teachers of these exploratory classes are committed to inspire the creative genius in all students through art, technology, library media, music, counselor and physical education.


During the fourth quarter, first graders completed four projects. Firs,t students learned about recycling and art. After viewing and discussing images of recycled art, students created a fish sculpture form a plastic bottle. Next, students learned artist Gustauv Klimt. Students' listened to a story about the artist, told from his pet cat's perspective. Klimt's cat explained his owner's art work & life. Next, student's drew a cat and included Klimt's artistic style within the drawing. During the third lesson of the quarter, students learned about author an illustrator Eric Carle. In their regular classroom, students wrote a story about an animal, and in art they created an illustration to accompany their story. Students implemented the painting and collage techniques that Carle used in his illustrations. For the last project of the semester, students studied a zoo animal in correlation to their first grade field trip. In art, students created a clay animal sculpture of the animal they chose to study in their regular classroom. If you would like to learn more about each project, please read the note that accompanies your child's art portfolio! To receive updates about the art room follow me on twitter @RiverviewArt.


In our library classes this quarter we reviewed fiction and nonfiction characteristics, then worked with a partner to determine whether a book was fiction or nonfiction. We continued locating Everyone books on the shelves using call numbers. We talked about the characteristics of folktales. We located Africa, Jamaica, and Europe on the map and enjoyed hearing folktales from those places in the world. We enjoyed stories read by members of the Screen Actors Guild online. We also enjoyed hearing some of the new books that have been added to the Riverview collection. Please keep reading and enjoying books from the public library over the summer!


The 4th quarter in 1st grade music class was lots of fun. We ended our year with some time playing tubano drums! Students played rhythms and did some short improvisation. The discovered that each syllable in a name or sentence gets one musical sound. Students learned about a special kind of accompaniment called a bordun. We used a chord bordun and a broken bordun on xylophones while singing songs. Each year in music class we learn about musicals and watch a different movie version of a musical. This year it was "Mary Poppins"! Students made lots of great connections and had great ideas for how the musical would look different if we saw a live stage version. I hope you have a wonderful summer and take some time to sing and dance along the way!


This year has certainly flown by! I had such an awesome year being able to teach the students and I sincerely look forward to the years to come. The 1st graders and I accomplished a lot during the last quarter of school! We got reacquainted with the parachute (a fan favorite), and were able to play some awesome games. The students learned and remembered the safety rules when using the parachute, and did a great job demonstrating their knowledge. It is really a great arm workout! We were able to do activities such as making jello, popcorn, circus tents, and some games such as sharks and lifeguards and the color run. A big chunk of the quarter was focused on striking (hitting an object to move from one place to another). The students learned how to strike a balloon using different body parts, striking off tees, and using their skills during different striking related games. I’m always amazed at how quick of learners the students are and how hard they try in everything they do! Towards the end of the quarter, the students learned about volleyball. We talked about what volleyball is and the goal of the game. The students learned the main skills needed in volleyball and got to play some games that put those skills to use. The last couple weeks of school were focused on Field Day. The students were reminded about Field Day and what goes on that day. I put a lot of focus on sportsmanship, and the students showed great examples of what a good sport looks like! We were able to practice some games that the students played on Field Day. The words they learned during this quarter were fitness, kinesthetic, agility, athlete, volley, and champion. Thanks for a great year!


First graders were busy this quarter! I We sharpened up our technology skills by learning how to take a picture with an ipad,edit that picture and add sound. We posted our results in See Saw. We also talked a lot about safety and what that means for us when using the internet at home and school. I would appreciate it if you would talk about safety with your children. Things we push are not giving out personal information online or chatting with people we don’t know in real life and above all not meeting anyone anywhere. Please encourage them to come to you if they feel uncomfortable about anything they come across. They need to build an understanding that they can come to a trusted adult to get help or ask questions without getting into trouble. If it gets too hot outdoors this summer, the games on my site would offer an fun and easy review for the Fall. Have a super summer!


In guidance the last nine weeks have been busy ones. We continued to work in our Too Good for Drugs curriculum learning about good decision making, consequences, peer pressure, peer pressure strategies and ending with the harmful effects of tobacco and alcohol on the body. We also had lessons on Careers, Trustworthiness, and Citizenship. Have a wonderful summer and I can’t wait to see you back in August.

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