Gregor Mendel

The father of modern genetics

Early years

In 1822, Johann Gregor Mandel was born in what is now the Czech republic. He and his family were poor farmers. Mandel helped his father grow plants.

Experimental Design

For many years, Gregor studied the works of current genetic scientists. He even made his own discoveries using pea plants. When scientists took a look at his findings at the time, they had thought he had just came across what was already common knowledge to them.


His discoveries had very impressive data. He discovered The Fundamental Laws of Heredity. These laws involve traits , both recessive, and dominant. His findings are the base of all modern genetics, which is how he was dubbed "The Father of Modern Genetics". Recessive traits traits hide behind dominant traits, which are allways up front. Codominant traits can be either or.


Despite all of these discoveries,scientists at the time just thought he had found info they had already known. Little did they know, his finding would become the foundation for all modern genetics.


It introduced the concept of Dominant and Recessive traits, and both of these terms are used by modern genetic and hereditary scientists. His work is greatly appreciated and praised for it's contribution to science.


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