Okanagan's Most Unwanted

Himalayan Blackberry and Eastern Fox Squirrel

What Is An Invasive Speices?

An invasive species is an animal or plant that has been taken out of its usual ecosystem and got put somewhere else. They are not native, and have negative effects on the ecosystem.

Himalayan Blackberry (Rubus Armenicus)

Himalayan Blackberries are invasive species that come from Europe, and were introduced to America in 1885. By 1945 they were spread along the Pacific Coast. It is widespread in much of the province now. The berries are a dark red or black color, and are 2cm long. Green oval leaves with red thorny stems, with light pink flowers. The canes are 3 meters high and 12 meters long, they are covered in slightly curved thorns. They can stop large animals from getting water and it can trap them. They can be found in the lower half of British Columbia. They grow rapidly. To help reduce or stop the plants from growing, you can put a tarp or bag over top of it, it keeps the plants contained. Also mowing over top of it can get rid of it for a while but only if the plant is small enough.

Eastern Fox Squirrel (Sciurus Niger)

Eastern Fox Squirrels are also invasive species that were first seen in Osoyoos during the mid 1980's. They can now be seen as far north as Okanagan Falls. They came to British Columbia from Washington,they also originated in Washington. The squirrel's live in urban areas. A large squirrel is 45-75cm long. They have a grey body with orange wash, and a long broad tail. The tails are 20-33cm long. The effects haven't been studied for this animal. The Eastern Fox Squirrel and the Eastern Grey Squirrel are close relatives.There is nothing you can so really, but the government has decided to give some of them birth control shots.
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Fox Squirrel - HD Mini-Documentary