A Huge Thanks!

For your work on Family Science Night 2015

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Last night’s Family Science Night was a success

Not a success that happens by chance, by crossing your fingers and winging it, but one that was planned with the end in mind.

This wasn’t a success for one person or one group of teachers or volunteers, this was a success for every single person that contributed something to Family Science Night.

This wasn’t a successful night that was a “one-off”. This was a successful night that showed us all what is possible when resources are combined and - truth be told - it raised the standard for things to come.

The photos and video from last night tell the tale of families, community members, and schools coming together to create positive, educational experiences for our kids - and for each other.

(Along with showing just how photogenic everyone is!)

A link to the edited photos will be available later today and will be sent out from Tom Spall. Please share that link with students, parents, and anyone else that may enjoy seeing the fun!

Thank you again for ALL of the hard work you do,

Melissa Boenker

Instructional Coach

Brenham Elementary

The smiles and memories that we made happen last night were made possible by so many caring teachers and volunteers. The children and parents will be talking about this event for some time. The power of team work was evident last night. Not even rain could ruin the fun!

Natalie K. James

Outdoor Education Specialist

Brenham ISD

As I was reminded last night (thank you, Wynne!), last night really was a team effort.

The teachers’ willingness to devote time in addition to their crazy long hours and the enthusiasm with which they tackled the preparation of the Outdoor Learning Center (special shout out goes to the 4th grade teachers, Ms. Klump, Ms. Schmidt, and Ms. Prihoda), along with the ideas, enthusiasm, expertise, and energy from those that have made a career out of volunteering for Brenham ISD (Bluebonnet Garden Club, Herb Society of America - Pioneer Unit, USDA - NRCS, Texas Brigades, Texas Master Naturalists, Big Buzz Theory, Washington County AgriLife), combined with the administrators and office staff that were willing to roll with the changes and do the legwork needed to pull off the evening, and - of course - Mrs. Boenker’s “enhanced organization techniques” made last night an experience we will all cherish.

Go team!