Harmony News - School Update

August 27, 2020

Dear Families,

You may be feeling inundated by all the emails and news coming from us, or LCPS, or your children's other schools. We know it has been a lot. This opening is unique to us and we feel the more information given the better. Please continue to be patient and read and absorb as much as you can. Reach out to school staff if unsure. The Covid challenge is new and things are constantly changing. Thanks for all of your help and understanding.


Eric stewart, Principal (eric.stewart@lcps.org)

Let's start with a Back to School Video

Check out this link for lots of information about the start of the school year. It is narrated by our new 6th grade dean, Mrs. Valarie DiCarlo. Please share with your children.


Virtual First Day

Remember the papers we had to sign in the old days? Well, beginning at 8 a.m. on Friday, August 28, families will be able to sign into ParentVUE on the Loudoun County Public Schools website (not the mobile app) to complete the Online Verification process as part of LCPS’ Virtual First Day initiative. This process is required for families to review and update important information about their students as we begin the 2020-21 school year.

Important Dates

August 28 – Schoology for Parents - video becomes available

August 28 – Student Schedules go “live” in ParentVUE / StudentVUE

August 28 – Curbside Pick-Up - 9 AM to 12 PM

September 1 - Curbside Pickup - 12 PM to 2 PM

September 2 – Virtual Back to School Night (video links for each teacher become available after 1 PM)

September 2 or 3 - Virtual "Practice Opportunity" prior to first day. Students and parents can do a virtual run through of their schedules so they are ready to start on September 8. More details coming in a few days.

September 4 and 7 - NO SCHOOL

September 8 - First Day of School

Schoology News (ready August 28)

Loudoun County Public Schools is now using Schoology, an integrated learning management solution that provides one-stop access to everything students need for their learning. Schoology allows students, parents, and teachers to connect and engage, whether learning in school or at a distance. Schoology will be used in all classrooms to ensure that students can access the resources they need for class and provide families the access they need to support their children. You can learn more about using your parent Schoology account by accessing the Parent Schoology Experience. Follow the attached directions to login and enroll (beginning Friday, Aug 28).


Attendance News (from LCPS)

During Distance Learning:

  • Students are expected to be present and engaged in synchronous and asynchronous activities in order to meet compulsory attendance requirements.
  • Teachers will report all students absences or tardies in TeacherVUE.
  • Attendance will also be taken in advisory and each block of the day.
  • On Mondays the student will be counted present.
  • For Tuesdays through Fridays, if students complete the required work (determined by the A day and B day teachers) and are recorded as logging into Schoology , the student will remain marked present.
  • Temporary Remote Attendance Exception (TRAE) will be an option for students who do not have internet access or who have limited access and are not able to attend daily scheduled synchronous learning time due to family hardship. Possible eligibility may be requested via Permission Click and must have prior school approval.