Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Long Haul

BY: Collin Torain


Setting- describes where and when it takes place.
It helps background and create images in the mind.
It helps sets the tone or mood of the story.
"A family road trip is suppose to be fun unless..... of course your the Heffelys.
I choose this quote because it shows that even though they are going on a road trip doesnt mean it has to go as smooth as possible.


The "Problem" which triggers action.
The struggling between two opposing (opposite) forces.
"The journey starts off full of promise. then quickly takes several wrong turns. gas station bathrooms, crazed seagulls,a fender bender, and run away pig"
I choose this quote because it shows all of the conflicts they went throught. and about how they wanted to have a fun family trip but it took the turn for the worst
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Direct Characterization- Author tells you about the Character is like.
Indirect- showing you what they are like by what they say.
Characters- Greg, Rodrick, mom, dad, And manny.
This tells you all of the characters in the story and the names of each character and greg the middle child is the main character and this is a journal wrote about the problems of there family.

Point of View

The vantage point from which the author tells the story.
1st pov-"If there's one thing i've learned from being a kid, its that you have ZERO control of your life.
I choose this quote because it tells which pov he is telling the story from.
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