Summer Reading Choice #2

Learning About Poverty, Geography, & Economics!

Summary of Discovery

1. Who is involved in the topic?

Chelsea Clinton supports children in need. She took a trip throughout different continents of the world that are in poverty.

2. What main ideas can be learned about this topic?

The main ideas that can be learned about this topic would be poverty and mostly geography. Kids around the world are in need of food, shelter and clean water. Some kids don't have that in countries such as Madagascar, Nepal, Mali and so many more that are in need of help.

3. What times and/or places are relevant to the topic?

Continents such as South America and parts of Europe.

4. Why/ How does this topic relate to today?

Today millions of people around the world are suffering from poverty. Even people in the United States are as well.

Reflection of Discovery

1. How will the knowledge you gained affect you?

I have a better understanding about poverty and economics. Knowing that each day people are suffering for a common reason is pretty harsh from all perspectives.

2. How Will You Use the Information Learned?

Now that I know a little bit more about poverty, geography, and economics I think that I will understand more about it and use this knowledge in everyday life to support others.

3. What is your new opinion on the topic?

I think that there should be a change and a different vibe for poverty and the people who suffer from poverty.

Visual Representation