7 Burgundy Newsletter

November Edition

Langauge Arts


7th Language Arts: Students have just started their first novel unit with the non-fiction novel Three Cups of Tea: The Young Reader's Edition by Greg Mortenson. It is a truly inspiring story about one man's dedication to make the world a better place. If you haven't read the story, I highly suggest picking up a copy to read with your student at home. Not only is that a great reading strategy, but the story is wonderful and I'm you will enjoy it too! With this unit, we will discuss the essential question, "What is our global responsibility?" We will also work in small groups to research and come up with ideas for philanthropies and philanthropic events. At the end of the unit in Decemeber, classes will vote on which group's charity is the best presented and most worthy, and it will become our 7Burgundy Team Charity for third quarter. Students still have differentiated vocabulary each week, and students must turn in either an outside reading project or an outside writing project by December 10th.

7th Lit. and Comp: Students are mid-way through their Hound of the Baskervilles unit and study of mystery. For this unit, we are focusing on logic, conflict, and point of view. Students have a mulitple intelligence project due on the 12th of November, and there will be a comprehensive test on the 14th. After mystery, Lit and Comp will do a brief study of poetry. In fitting with this class's rigorous expectations for higher order thinking, we will be doing much more analysis of poetry, rather than creating it. Students will produce a poetry portfolio examining the style of a poet they research, as well an imitation poem reflecting their understanding of poetic devices and that particular poet's style. We will explicate poetry too!

General Notes: Please be sure to check the calendars and download-able resources pages for more information and resources. Please also remember that the Harvest of Love Food Drive has started, this week being just monetary donations online and the actual food donations beginning on the 5th. The drive concludes on Friday the 16th.


We are finishing up with Unit Three: Protists, Fungus & Plants. Next on the agenda is Unit Four: Invertebrates. During this unit we will be classifying invertebrates, learning how to read our textbooks, and lots of hands on activities. Also, this is beginning of dissections! Before Thanksgiving Break, we will plan to dissect a worm and after Thanksgiving, we will dissect a crayfish. Please look at my website for all the details!! On November 8th, we will be going to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science in Denver. We will have the unique opportunity to see a 3D Imax film on Invertebrates in the Deep Sea in addition to exploring some of the wonderful exhibits. The cost of the field trip is $18 and all students will need to bring a sack lunch that day!! If your student is unable to attend the field trip, we will have a substitute at school conducting comparable activities. Important Dates to Remember: Nov. 5th: Protists, Fungus, & Plants TestNov. 8th: Field Trip to DMNSNov. 9th & 12th: Worm DissectionNov. 15th: Invertebrate Quiz (with specimens!!)Nov. 16th: Mrs. Gaunce out for a conferenceNov. 19th – 23rd: Thanksgiving Break; NO SCHOOL!!!Nov. 26th: Introduction to Invertebrate ProjectNov. 27th: Crayfish DissectionDec. 3rd: Invertebrate Project Due!!!

Social Studies

Students should be working on their Mesopotamia Project choices, remember the project needs to total up to 100 points!  Projects are due November 16th!!! (There will be less homework leading up to this due date.)The 7B students have also spent some time on non-fiction reading as well as staying informed about the 2012 Presidential Elections.  We will be conducting our own 7th grade mock elections, stay tuned for the results.  The election packet is due Friday, November 10th. Next up is Egypt!


Pre-algebra 7: Students will be finishing their work with solving equations this month and then start to explore ratios and proportions. While I am at high trails (November 6th to 9th) students will be working on a storybook project. The rubric and project outline can be found on my webpage under “documents and forms”. This project is due November 12th. Students will also have a unit test over rational operations and solving equations on November 16th. After our week break we will begin to explore ratios and proportions. Algebra 1A: Students will be expanding their understanding of linear equations with a strong emphasis on understanding the relationship between a linear equation and graph. We will explore the slope intercept form of an equation (y=mx+b) so that students can change a graph to an equation and an equation to a graph without having to make a table first. Students will have a test near the end of November or in early December. While I am at high trails (November 6th to 9th) students will be working on a storybook project. The rubric and project outline can be found on my webpage under “documents and forms”. This project is due November 12th.