Food Writer/ Food Critic

all the things you will need to know and more


  • must know how foods should be prepared and if they taste the same of all of the businesses
  • must be willing to try new foods and not get the same thing every time
  • must know how to act like a costumer so that they don't act different around you
  • must have great writing skills and be very descriptive with what you write

must know how to critique people and not feel bad if you are rude

Skills and Personal characteristics

  • must be accommodating

  • must be a team player

  • must be a over achiever

  • must be a well practiced professional diner

Training and Education

must have a bachelor's degree or higher in journalism, english, communication, or liberal arts with a minor in culinary arts

Working Enviroment

Traveling is a big part of their work environment so they go to different places to try different food. Also many food critics take time to work from home, but most of the time they are in restaurants grading food.


It is all based on how good their skills are. The annual salary ranges from $51,295 - $106,000. The national average is $65,873