Rhode Island c:

(the land of the free, and home of the brave)

what year was Rhode Island founded?

Rhode Island was founded in 1636

who was the rightful founder of Rhode Island?

The founder was Anne Hutchinson and Rodger Williams.

why was the reason Rhode Island was found?

colonist were getting forced out of Massachusetts , William was one of them he thought that people should be able to worship in their own way they would like to. He just did not like the way Massachusetts law was put together. He decided to fly to the south and that is when he found Rhode Island!

what was the Economic Resources?

some economic resources are they had some great livestock , great milk, beef,eggs, and Honey which is really important in the State, their was some great soil to grow crops, Manufacturing, and great services.

What was the weather like in Rhode Island?

well it's just like it is now.. It can go to Atlantic Ocean cold, with warm summers, and some cold winters. Their was some rain throughout the year, and snow fall down to 25-35 Inches!!!


it was Flat Rolling hills, and some low lands!