How to Setup Tp-Link repeater

Hello friend's my name is jacob and I am from USA. As we know internet plays an important role in our life without internet we are nothing, Past six months we all are get locked behind the doors because of covid-19 disease so our all works started online, There are lots of router and extender available in the market but tp link is one of the best so today we are going to complete tplinkrepeater setup through you just need to connect your device with your WI-FI network and open any web browser in same device. Type the IP Address of your router and search for it, You will land on the admin login page where you have to submit your username and password, Submit "ADMIN" in username and password box and click to login you will land on the admin panel. Now, You can make changes and setup your device easily, For any kind of issues related this can contact our experts they are always available for your help.