Hillcrest Family Newsletter

November 17, 2020


The obstacles we all face can either stand in our way or provide us new opportunities for growth. Now more than ever it is important that we GROW AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE. We as adults have the unique opportunity to help our children grow by modeling gratefulness, encouraging them to find positives each day, and creating moments for them to affirm and build others up. If we learn to see the good, even in difficult times, we will inevitably grow an attitude of gratitude together! ~CKH (Capturing Kid's Hearts)

Here are some ways that you can teach gratitude to your child(ren):

  • "I am grateful for you!" Model and teach gratitude. This month, on a sticky note or small piece of paper, write one thing each day that you appreciate about your child and post it on their bedroom door. Cover those doors and plant seeds in their heads and hearts to help them see good things about themselves.
  • Find the good! Start a gratitude journal with your child and encourage them to record one thing each day that they are grateful for: a kind act, a funny moment, a special friend, or even the smell of freshly baked cookies. Your child can record these with a drawing, a poem, or a quick sentence. Keep one of your own and share them as a family periodically. It may seem small but writing about positive experiences can have a major impact!
  • Affirm daily! Practice growing as a family through positive affirmations. At dinner, or during the day sometime, give affirmations to each other and share the good things you see. Take it to the next level and think of someone outside of your family who you could affirm. Challenge each member of the family to hand write a note to thank that person and send them in the mail or by e-mail.


The Importance of Reading

Please find below the Reading ISIP scores (indicators for progress) for the last 3 months for Hillcrest. Remember, the first 4 weeks of the school year were virtual. Although students were to take the monthly ISIP assessment in September solely by themselves (so we could get accurate data), we soon discovered that many students were receiving assistance on their testing. In October, we had a few students join us face to face and the assessment process was better explained to parents that the student is to take the assessment without assistance. In November, we have almost 50% of our student population on campus, You can see that the data appears to be truer as to the learning lost during this pandemic. With iStation, the assessment "raises the bar" each month. This is to account for learning that is gained during the school year. However as you and I both know, the learning acquisition is different this year.

This is one of many reasons that I ask you to READ WITH YOUR CHILD. Here are just a few ways to give literacy a little boost and it doesn't take a lot of time:

  • Having your child break apart words by sound will help them to become better writers. Example: A-pple, apple.
  • Have your child retell the events of their day, in order, using transition words (first, then, last). This will support their narrative writing as well as retelling/comprehension skills for reading.
  • Rather than spelling a word for your child, ask them what sounds they hear.
  • Build your child's vocabulary. Children love big words! Don't be afraid to refer to the technical or scientific names for things that they encounter. When your child describes something, encourage precise language.
  • For writing, your child can practice stretching sounds by helping make a grocery list or writing a letter.
  • .Writers begin as oral storytellers. Have your child tell the story of the day as if it were in a book.

And the list could go on........Let's work together to make your child the best reader they can be!




Thanksgiving Break November 23rd-27th

ISIP Testing Window December 1st - 11th

National Cupcake Day December 15th

Make-up Fall Pictures (face to face only) December 16th

Early Release Day December 18th

Winter Break December 21st to January 1st

Return to School January 4th

Instructional Setting Change deadline January 19th