Google Docs For Admin Assistants

Part 1 - The Struggle Is Real

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Finish the Tina's Top Ten list...

On a sticky note, add one more "Top Ten" comment or question you hear frequently that gives you heart palpitations. We'll share out and populate our Top Ten list on the board.

Part 2 - Access This Stuff

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To Access This Smore...

Type this in this shortened address ->

Or access the QR Code below with your smart phone's QR Code reader.

Start typing your own notes here :)

Access this Google Doc and take individual or collaborative notes:
Click Here

Part 3 - Brainstorm

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What are some stress reducing, life saving features you'd like to explore or be exposed to in today's session? At your tables, make a list of 5 features... either write them on a sticky note or post them to the Padlet below (instructions are on the website).

Part 4 - Create a Google Account

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With a Google Account, you can curate and access Google Docs (as well as Forms, Slides, Sheets, Drawings, upload pictures, videos, etc.), Youtube Videos, as well as several hundreds of very useful apps and resources.

Part 5 - Creating & Managing Your Doc

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Part 7 - F.A.Q. about Google Docs

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