Week 9 Term 2 SFDS Newsletter

St Francis de Sales - 29 June 2021


Kia Ora Ano

Goodness what a very cold and stormy day! It is hard to believe that there are only 7 school days left of term 2. Our learners and our SFDS team have worked hard this term and are looking forward to a chance to refuel over the holidays.

Reporting A reminder that mid-term learner reports will be coming home this Friday 2 July and that these will be what our mid-year whanau, ākonga (learner) and kaiako (teacher) hui will be based on. These will be held next week - Wednesday 7 July and Thursday 8 July between 3-6pm. If you have not yet booked a time you can do this by going to the following website www.schoolinterviews.co.nz and entering the code zmwsp

Please note that on these days school finishes at 2:30pm.

Online Safety. Thank you to those whanau who joined me last night for the online safety hui with Anjie Webster – you can never learn enough about what our tamariki are dealing with in the online space. For those who are interested there is a template of how you can create a family plan around online safety in the office.

PSL. We are so lucky to have such a supportive and generous community…At the PSL AGM new members of office were voted in

· Chairperson - Emma Nelson

· Vice Chairperson - Richard Peters

· Treasurer - Maria Nguyen and Victoria Mahony

· Secretary - Dee Sloane

· Grants Co-ordinator - Jen Lofthouse

· Marketing - Fran Peters and Rachael Setter

· Pastoral Care - Jayne Mason and Deborah Jones

A huge thank you to those PSL members who have moved on – you have contributed so much to our kura.

Thanks to our wonderful PSL who have approved funds to have our basketball court and side grass area turfed. This is a very exciting project and we can’t wait for this to get started. We will share pictures and progress updates when we can.

Attached below is a report that went to our board from our Tangaroa leader Chris Wratt on learning though play at SFDS have a read!

Stay warm and take care.

Nga mihi nui

Tracy Gundesen


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Poipoia te Kakano Kia Puawai - Nurture the seed and it will blossom

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A reminder that Thursday 8th July is a mufti day to raise money for Kristus Raja School in West Papua. Students in this school have been away from school due to the pandemic. The money we raise will help them repair their toilets and bathrooms and to get new chairs, desks and resources for when the students are able to return to school.

To celebrate Suzanne Aubert’s 186th birthday there were celebrations at the Home of Compassion here in Island Bay - Suzanne rests in the chapel there. It was wonderful to see some of our learners getting involved in these. The celebrations included a book signing with Fleur Beale for her new book "The Calling", and then later a mass led by Cardinal John Dew.

Below is the author Fleur Beale signing my book for me. I’m in the photo on the right. Me and my friend Fionuala went to the Home of Compassion where Fleur was talking about her new book ‘The Calling’. It is a book about a young girl going and becoming a nun for Suzanne Aubert. It was really interesting hearing the process of the writing of the book in her own words in real life. I have started reading the book and I love how it tells of Suzanne Aubert in a new way, as if I was in the story, right in front of her. I love this book and I would definitely recommend it! -Maeva Withers

Maeva and Fionuala attending the book signing of Fleur Beals latest novel ‘The Calling’.


FRIDAY 2 JULY Reports sent home

FRIDAY 2 JULY Immunisaton Boostrix – 1 Dose Year 7 Boys and Girls

WEDNESDAY 7 JULY Parent Teacher Confrences - School finishes at 2.30pm

THURDAY 8 JULY Mufti Day- Pay though Kindo

THURSDAY 8 JULY Parent Teacher Confrences - School finishes at 2.30pm

FRIDAY 9 JULY Teachers Only Day - School is Closed

MONDAY 26 JULY First day of Term 3

MONDAY 26 JULY Bee Healthy Van will be at school for the next two weeks.



We had heaps of fun at this event last Wednesday. We were really impressed with all those who gave either the qualification or participation or both races a go! Everyone who participated earned house points for their house which go towards the next house cup presentation.

Those who came in the top two of the qualifying races, will go on and compete in the Southern Zone Swimming Sports which is being held on Tuesday 7 September (week 7, term 3). The top four boys and girls in each year group in the 25m freestyle event will make up the relay teams which will also compete. These swimmers will receive more information closer to the time.

A huge thank you to those parents who came and helped - Shane London, Tim Kuper, Ana Rodriguez, Emma Cameron and Rachael Setter - we really appreciate your time and couldn't have run the event without you.


We will be offering these optional assessments for students in years 5 - 8. If you would like to enrol your child/ren for any of these, please go to the folloing link to register:


You will need to enter our school code which is ZLD132, then register your child and pay for the assessments you would like them to do. We will NOT be accepting payment through the school. Please be aware, the students do not receive any specific teaching for these assessments, and they are done online at school. Please ensure you register and pay by Friday 23 July (last Friday of the upcoming school holidays) so you don't miss out.


These will be on offer again next term. Students who are playing this term will need to re-register and pay through Kindo. You will receive an email and app alert when this is ready. New players are welcome.

School Swimming Sports Results 2021

Year 4

25 metre freestyle:

1st: Ivy C 2nd: Jayden S 3rd: Harvey L 4th: Jackson S

1st: Lily M 2nd: Sylvie Mae SG 3rd: Sophia L 4th: Willow SE

50 metrefreestyle:

1st: Harvey L 2nd: Johnny W

1st: Lily M 2nd: Willow SE

25 metre backstroke:

1st: Harvey L 2nd: Ivy C 3rd: Johnny W

1st: Sylvie Mae SG 2nd: Frankie HB 3rd: Pippa R 4th: Lulu M

Year 5

25 metre freestyle:

1st: Enzo H 2nd: Joshua H

1st: Ella L 2nd: Olivia K 3rd: Ella W 4th: Bella H

50 metre freestyle:

1st: Joshua H 2nd: Enzo H 3rd: Charlie W 4th: Oliver J

1st: Ella L 2nd: Ella W 3rd: Olivia K 4th: Bella H

25 metre backstroke

1st: Enzo H 2nd: Oliver J

1st: Mabel C 2nd: Ella L 3rd: Olivia K 4th: Ella W

Year 6

25 metre freestyle:

1st: Kade T 2nd: Luca H 3rd: Hamish S 4th: Jamie K

1st: Sienna G 2nd: Maeve HC 3rd: Charlie K 4th: Cielo Q

50 metre freestyle

1st: Kade T 2nd: Luca H 3rd: Angus J 4th: Jamie K

1st: Sienna G 2nd: Maeve HC 3rd: Cielo Q 4th: Isabel P

25 metre backstroke

1st: Hamish S 2nd: Luca H 3rd: Kade T 4th: Jamie K

1st: Cielo Q 2nd: Maeve HC 3rd: Sienna G 4th: Charlie K

Year 7

25 metre freestyle:

1st: Jack P 2nd: Isaac L 3rd: Hugo T 4th: Dawit T

1st: Lola D 2nd: Maeva W 3rd: Maia K 4th: Emily W

50 metre freestyle

1st: Isaac L 2nd: Harry D 3rd: Dawit T 4th: Hugo T

1st: Lola D 2nd: Maia K 3rd: Maeva W 4th: Emily W

25 metre backstroke

1st: Isaac L 2nd: Harry D 3rd: Adam F 4th: Hugo T

1st: Lola D 2nd: Emily W 3rd: Maia K 4th: Edison R

Year 8

25 metre freestyle

1st: Max K 2nd: Luca G 3rd: Ollie N 4th: Archie J

1st: Zahra G 2nd: Isabelle S 3rd: Emily R 4th: Mollie CD

50 metre freestyle

1st: Max K 2nd: Ollie N 3rd: Luca G 4th: Hunter SE

1st: Zahra G 2nd: Isabelle S 3rd: Mollie CD 4th: Emily R

25 metre backstroke

1st: Ollie N 2nd: Max K

1st: Zahra G 2nd: Isabelle S 3rd: Mollie CD 4th: Georgia W



Wednesday 7 and Thursday 8 July - Conferences start at 3pm and finish at 6pm. On each of these days, school will finish at 2:30pm so the conferences can start at 3pm.

Please collect your child/ren at 2.30pm if you are able. If not, they will be supervised in the school library until 3pm and must be collected from there. If children normally walk home from school they may leave at 2.30pm if approved by parents (please let their teacher/s know).

Bookings can be made at www.schoolinterviews.co.nz and the event code is zmwsp. If you have any questions or difficulty booking your conferences, please contact Suzanne or Francesca at the school office.


The office can get very busy at times and at those times we can't always get to the phone right away, however if you leave a message we will get back to you as soon as we are able.

A little cheat code is if you call the 9397370 number you can press Zero (0) once you start to hear our lovely learners start talking- this will put you straight though to the office without having to listen to all the options available. Same process if you want to leave an absence message- Just press One (1) once you start hearing the message.

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The following products are availble though your school KINDO account

For information on how to get to KINDO Click here to view. From there you are able to pay your school donations, (there is an option to make part payments) uniform and any other school charges or sign ups for sports and extra actvities.

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Kelly Club Island Bay Holiday Programme focus’s on giving children aged between 5 and 13 the opportunity to do things they enjoy in a safe, supportive and encouraging environment.

This programme are packed with activities to entertain and inspire children. We have some exciting days planned: Trips to: "Laserforce, Te Papa, Avalon Park and we are to the movies to see “Tom & Jerry, Plus: The Oscars Day, Creepy Crawlies Day, Go for Gold Day, Glitter VS Goo Day and Zappo the Magician is coming to Kelly Club and lots more!!

For full details and to enrol into our programmes visit www.kellyclub.co.nz/Islandbay email islandbay@kellyclub.co.nz or call 022 198 6316

PLAY LIKE A SPORTS HERO! – TERM 3 (Yrs. 0-4) – Thursday’s 3:05-4:05pm

Kelly Sports will be back in Term 3 with their fun and exciting classes. Come and try Football, Hockey, Ultimate Frisbee and Dodgeball! It’s a great way to try new sports, learn new skills and improve ability.

We use games & drills to teach game sense and team play. Learn the fundamental skills for all sports – throwing, running, jumping, striking, balance and many more – all while having a great time!

For full details and to enrol into our programmes visit www.kellysports.co.nz email adminwgtn@kellysports.co.nz or call 04 972 7201


Artrageous July Holiday Adventure: 12 – 23 July 2021 » Programme BOOK ARTRAGEOUS JULY

Aimed at children aged 5-10 years. Our classes provide a space for all children to explore at their own pace; chaotic or careful, gingerly or with gusto, tiptoeing or tromping. Our aim is to draw out their creativity, not stuff things in! Bookings essential. BOOK NOW!
Poneke Dojo, Prince of Wales Park, Salisbury Tce, Mt Cook, Wellington
8.30am–3:00pm $79 and after care 3:00pm-5.30pm $15

Olderageous July Creative Exploration: 12 – 23 July 2021 » Programme BOOK OLDERAGEOUS JULY

Our BIG KIDS programme is aimed at children aged 10-14 years. Providing them with a space, focused adult attention and loads of resources. This programme is tailored to draw out older children’s interest in creating and using their imagination and creativity in a hilariously fun atmosphere. Bookings essential.

Venue: Art rooms, Block D, Wellington High School, Taranaki St, Mt Cook, Wellington
8.30am–3:00pm $79 and after care 3:00pm-5.30pm $15


Fergs Adventure Club: Holiday Programme 2021

Here at Fergs’ Kayaks our Term 2 Holiday Programme offers a number of different experiences in one fun package, from Rock Climbing, to Bouldering, and Adventure Challenges designed to challenge the body and mind! The Adventure Club Holiday Programme is from ages 8-17 and runs as a week-long programme from Monday- Friday both weeks of the July School Holidays. For more information or to register interest, please email Hope at Saleswn@fergskayaks.co.nz.


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The Noel Leeming Friends and Family offer from 14-27 June 2021 is available to staff, students, families and friends associated with Catholic Schools.

Print and present this flyer or show it on your device in store.

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*Noel Leeming Friends & Family offer is available in store only and for the dates detailed on the flyer or while stocks last. Terms & conditions apply and the flyer must be presented at the time of purchase.




12th – 23rd JULY 2021 from 7.00am-6pm daily. Interactive Activities and NO TV or Video Games, Kai Cubs Cooking, Keep Fit Karapu Fitness, and Life Skills Programme creating healthy Breakfast, Lunch and Afternoon Teas. One-on-one care and shuttle services available. Daily $81.04/cub per session or $137.77 for two siblings per session; Weekly: $324.16 per cub/week or $551.07 for two siblings/week. MSD Approved & WINZ subsidies are available for eligible families.

Please contact us: 0800 PRIDE 4 U Or Register online: www.PRIDELANDS.co.nz or Visit our Facebook page: www.Facebook.com/PrideLandsChildcare

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