Job Description

What is turtle farming?

Turtle farming is the future. This cultivation of a tutle population is simiar to regular farming except better. Turtles are raised from birth through adulthood until they are sold individually for a miriad of purposes. These wonderful creatures are often sold to pet stores, harvested for their shells or consumed in unique tutle based dishes. Turtle farms can be very lucrative because of the rather large need and the relatively small number of farms around the world. These opportunities within the market offer a huge upside for a starting business. In addition to the economic benefits, turtles are also very enjoyable animals to work with.


Where is turtle farming popular?

Turtle farming is most popular in Asia. With many coastlines and access to multiple bodies of water, asiatic bodies of water are important tutle farming location. North America's western coast as well as the Hawaiian islands are vital for the industry because of similar reasons.


What are the benfits of turtle farming?

Exporting turtles is a very lucrative business. With a large opportunity to begin a business in places such as central Europe or Africa, starting a business would be a smart business endevour. On top of the possibility of wealth, turtle farming is an interesting job and would be a great conversation every time.


Famous Turtles

  • What sort of training do you need?

An agricultural and biological background to understand the complex ecosystems the turtles live in.

  • What sort of skills do you need?

Working well with animals and nature as well as being business savvy

  • Is there any room for advancement?

The business can grow depending on success and work effort

  • What all is involved with the career?

Breeding, raising and caring for the turtles as well as starting and maintaining a business

  • What is the outlook and salary?

There is an obvious opportunity to begin a farm in an area such as central Europe where there is not already an established market. Although Asia is a mainstay for the industry, there is no worldwide corporation that controls everything. This leaves the possibility for young businesses to succeed. Salary is determined by the market. Turtles can be sold for $5-30 in the United States and up to $200 in areas such as Vietnam.

  • Why do you want to go into the career?

It could be very lucrative as well as very fun to talk about.

  • What might people not know about this career?

That it exists.

  • What does a day in the life of this career look like?

Similar to any animal breeder or farmer, waking up and going through the process of caring for the animals is the main priority. It is important to not only care for the matured turtles but as well as the young turtles in order to grow them as big as possible for the biggest profit.