Three of Giorgione's famous works

An Influential Artist

Giorgio da Castelfranco (Giorgione) was born in Castelfranco, Italy near the action packed city of Venice in the year 1477. The earliest retrievable information on Giorgione is when he was a student under the famous Giovanni Bellini. (Shown above are some examples of Giorgione's work). These early years Giorgione took instruction from Bellini and eventually did the same himself and taught younger generations. Now with experience and a collection of knowledge as a painter, he becomes teacher and colleague of Titian. Giorgione gives him great insight of what a great artist is and in later years the two become great competitors in their work. In his short life, he accomplished many great paintings, but died at the age of 33 as a result of the Black Plague in Venice, Italy in the year 1510.

Trial of Moses

The Trial of Moses was one of Giorgione's earlier works, painted in 1496 (shown left). This painting can be found in the Galleria degli Uffizi. This piece of Giorgione uses landscapes, light and varieties of color to help with detail and feeling or the painting itself. I find this piece so interesting because it is dramatically different from many pieces of it time during the Renaissance. The use of landscape and use of brighter color help create a greater significance in the painting. Giorgione's work in the Trial of Moses is closely linked with the idea of Secularism. In his work, Giorgione uses landscapes to help portray to the understanding or give detail to the painting.


Creator : Giorgione

Title : Trial of Moses (Infant Moses before Pharaoh for the Trial of Gold and Fire) Date : c. 1496 Repository : Galleria degli Uffizi ARTstor : SCALA_ARCHIVES_1039488655 URL :

Creator : Giorgione

Title : Tempesta

Title : Tempestuous Landscape with the Soldier and the Gypsy Date : before 1507 Repository : Gallerie dell'Accademia di Venezia ARTstor : SCALA_ARCHIVES_1039488251 URL :

Creator : Giorgione

Title : Judgment of Solomon

Date : c. 1496

Repository : Galleria degli Uffizi

ARTstor : SCALA_ARCHIVES_1039488656


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