Let's Get Blended! October 11, 2013

BLC Schedule Changes

In the words of Ah-nuld......I'll be back

I will be out on Friday, October 11th and Monday, October 14th. But I will be back just in time for Data Day on Tuesday, October 15th.

Please Remember

I am here to help you!

If you need help with anything: support for cooperative learning, help with planning lesson, how to take an activity and blend it, lead one of your cooperative groups, want me to see a great activity, etc...please let me know. My phone still isn't working so use email or chat to contact me. As soon as my phone is working again, I'll let you know.

Some Things To Keep In Mind for Cooperative Groups

  • Groups should have structure-Every student has a defined job and/or a defined outcome
  • Groups should have directions-Post them on the wall, whiteboard, SmartBoard, paper, etc..-Let students know exactly what they are doing and what to do if they finish early
  • Each activity should take about the same time-As you know, some activities take less time than others, and students get restless, bored, and could become behavior problems. Have something for your fast finishers, which is a best practice for any learning situation.
  • Use a timer that the students can see-So students know they have limited time to finish the task or tasks.

Blended Learning Ideas

10 Steps to Manage Cooperative, Project-Based Learning Groups

Deeper Learning: A Collaborative Classroom Is Key

Very short article, along with 7 key strategies to teach students how to collaborate.

Laura Candler's Cooperative Learning Resources

Free printables and strategies for cooperative learning activities.

Below is one of her print-outs about how to physically arrange desks for cooperative learning teams.

Have A Great Weekend!