BEAUTY ARISE 2016 DTS Outreach

Touching Hearts in Spain&Switzerland

7 crowns of Beauty from ashes.Isaiah 61:3 (Death to Life)

Youth with a mission Los Angeles is sending our Beautiful Misson Team To Spain and Switzerland to bring Life! Thank you so much for taking your precious time to read this News letter! We are a team of 7 and 2 staff leaders called Beauty Arise it's a ministry that teaches women about their identity and value in Jesus and to bring life and beauty to broken women. We will have finished our lecture phase of class time March 25 2016 and we will be off to Madrid, Spain and than Barcelona, Spain. In bewteen the 2 in a half months our team of 9 will be split to go into the French and German part of Switzerland to bring light into other lives about their identity and value in Jesus Christ! We will be building relationships in the community and share are testimonys(our redeeming stories) down there in Spain and Switzerland and by helping with the Beauty Arise Ministry's to build them and support them down there! I believe so much in my heart we will be growing immensely down there and we will experience God in ways never before! We will be back in the country the first week of June. The fact of it is we get the most unbelievable privilege to be used by God and pour into other lives who are broken and lost and have no idea about the hope that is waiting for them. It's our chance to make God known and Carry the light to others! God is using us just as we are and He didn't leave us empty handed we had the opportunity to spend 3 months living with are eyes on Him without distractions from the world and worshipping Him and experiencing the Holy Spirit and Truth! We have experienced so much healing and have learned about the Truth of who we are! Children of the most High! We want others to experience this too and for them to now God and who they were created to be! To bring Hope and life to Broken places. I have been praying about the Trip and I really believe God brought me here to change my life so I could change others and help deliver many who are lost and suffering!

Prayers for our team!

The biggest thing I've learned is prayer is very powerful especially if it's more than one person praying for a specific thing. I hope and would love if you would pray for our mission Trip experience and for provision in it all. I also would ask if you would pray against anxiety and Depression and Fear! Those have been huge barriers for myself and the team but I know it's nothing we can't overcome with God! I ask for prayer for our Team in unity and for patience and that We would encourage one another as we serve God! Please pray for our health and that we grow in Very big ways and for wisdom and discernment for the Team! Last we pray that God will use us in a Big impactful way and that we would be great examples of who Jesus is and For strength and Peace throughout the Journey we will be on!

From the depths of my heart I Thank you for keeping our Team and Myself in your prayers! This time is All for The Glory of God and His Buisness and How he will be moving in our lives and through them! I Thank God for each of you that support me through the whole process! May you be blessed!

My contact information and if you have any questions or concerns

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