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SLATE 2015

Using Technology to Create a Meaningful, Engaging and Relevant Learning Environment

Forest Lane Community School

Grade 4 Hour of Code

We highly encourage you to get your student or students onto Dreambox Learning outside of school hours. This additional mathematics support will help students build upon their understanding of the mathematics they are learning in the classroom.

Mrs. Hanson's Class and their Informational Writing Books!

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Junior High

8th Grade Reading their Dystopian Novels

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Hour of Code

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We highly encourage you to get your student or students onto Dreambox Learning outside of school hours. This additional mathematics support will help students build upon their understanding of the mathematics they are learning in the classroom.
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Senior High

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MHS Robotics Team

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High Marq Environmental Charter School

By Erica Helwig (11th Grade)

As it is the final week before end of semester, High Marq is having our annual ice skating Field Day and Winter Holiday Feast. Students spent the first three days of this week working really hard and finalizing their credit, so that on Thursday and Friday they can have some fun! This Thursday, we will go to the Madison Ice Arena to do some ice skating, and then we will go to Barnes and Noble to pick out books for our school. On Friday, we will run the school day as normal, however at 2:00pm FOHM (Friends of High Marq volunteer group) will have prepared a meal for students, teachers, and surprise guests to enjoy. We are looking forward to a relaxing two week break, and are very excited to celebrate this holiday season!

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Construction began at the MacKenzie Center last Thursday on the giant eagle's eyrie! Students got to sign the frame that MacKenzie Center staff built around the tree base and then completed the bottom portion of the nest. Students also got a lesson on wolves and coyotes thanks to some amazing pelts, skulls, and molds! Students will return soon to Poynette to finish construction on the eagle's nest so that it is ready to be used as a teaching tool!

G4L Responses to Community

Responses to Community Questions Regarding G4L

The Montello School District learning community was invited to submit questions through the following link: Frequently Asked Questions. This invitation was extended via Facebook, the Marquette County Tribune, and a message sent to all families on Infinite Campus.

My math student received a poorer grade because he did not participate in class, but he did not ask questions since he understood the material. Why is participation mandatory? A student demonstrates mastery of a standard or a learning target in multiple ways. Participation only one way for a student to demonstrate mastery. If you have questions about how a student’s grade is determined, please feel free to contact their teacher.

In what way were the teacher taught how to use this new system?

  • Teachers received inservice prior to the 2013-2014 school year on an individual and small group basis. This inservice was provided by district staff and through attending workshops, and presentations with state and nationally recognized speakers/ practitioners/ researchers.

  • During the 2013-2014 school year district wide training occurred during the work day, during early dismissals, as well as Summer Institute and Supper and Strategies.

  • Curriculum groups met during the 2013/14 and 2014/15 school years to go over standards and discuss sequence of study.

  • J-Term courses identified specific standards that would be met during the session and how those standards would be assessed.

  • A master schema for planning instruction was identified and implemented.

  • A timeline was established with expectations for gradual implementation identified. This timeline was reviewed with teachers during district administration as well as small group and building wide meetings.

  • Administrators conducted classroom walkthroughs and provided feedback.

  • Surveys of readiness for G4L were conducted in August of 2014 and professional development opportunities were designed around the results of the surveys and teacher feedback during the school year.

  • Teachers had an entire year of practice before full implementation. During this year of practice, teachers had the opportunity to address individual questions and concerns as well as seek feedback.

  • Whole group, small group, and one on one training for using the grading system has been conducted and remains available to all and accessed by some.

  • Print resources were provided to support development of revised practices.

  • All were invited and 43 teachers attended the First Institute on Standards Based Grading.

  • All Montello educators were invited to participate with administration in summer work to prepare for G4L.

6-8 Middle School Model