Pregnacy stages

by: Bryshawn Hampton and Darrian Duncon

First Trimester(months 1-3)

During the first stages of pregnacy the mother, of course be going through a few changes in her body. a few symptoms that the mother would be experiencing is "spotting" or bleeding.

The baby is starting a new life so the baby is just now starting to grow. during week 5 of the first trimester your baby's ticker will start beating for the very first time. the embry now has 3 distinct layers. The outter ectodem(which will form the nervous system. the ears, eyes, and many connective tissues) ect. during week 6 your baby will almost tripple in size. in week 7 of the first trimester your baby will start to develop distinct facial features and start to move.

Second Trimester(Months 4-6)

During the second trimester, the mother's energy is most likely returning and her breasts may be feeling less tender and queasiness may have completely abated by now, although she may not be able to move around as gracefully. during this stage the mother is most likely starting to show more. by 15 weeks the mother will be gaining more weight. week 25 the mothers hair and nails will start to grow more.

during the second trimester for the baby, it can now squint, frown, grimace, pee and possibly suck its thumb. yes, by this time the baby is now producing urine. the baby can also grasp and now is the size of a lemon. by 26 weeks the baby is growing more hair, ears are developing more and inhailing small amounds of fluid.

third trimester (month 7-9)

this is the third and last trimester of the pregancy. the mother will start gaining more weight from the baby. the mother may also be experiencing a few symptoms like feeling light headed, heart burn, and constipation. by week 41 the mother may go into labor, will be very large and the size that the baby will be during birth. may already be starting contractions and her water may break.

by this stage the baby is able to blink its eyes, developing eyesite, size of an eggplant. by week 29 the muscles and lungs continue to mature by week 41 the baby may turn upside down and by this week the baby will be the size that it will be during birth because the 9 months may already be over.

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