The Child Labor Laws of Today

Child Labor

Child labor is a huge crisis that has children being forced to work but it's being taken care of today with the laws of child labor. From the work hours to when the children can work. But what is Child Labor? Child labor is when a child is forced to work for someone without pay or sometimes even without food or water for hours on end.

The Laws of Child Labor

For children 14-17 May NOT work during school hours but after school or the weekends/days off of school you can only work from 7 A.M to 7 P.M for up to 15/30 hours per 6 days (3 hours per school day and 8 hours per regular day). You are allowed to have a 30 minute break when you work for 8 hours.


The restricted jobs for children 17 and under that CANNOT work for

• Working in or around explosives or radioactive substances
• Operating Motor vehicles
• Logging or sawmilling
• Operating power-driven meat processing machines to include meat and vegetable slicers; slaughtering, meat packing, processing or rendering
• Working on any scaffolding, roofs or ladders above 6 feet; roofing
• Wrecking, demolition or excavation
• Mining occupations
• Operating power-driven bakery; metal-forming, punching, and shearing machines; woodworking, paper products or hoisting machines
• Manufacturing brick and tile products

So when you are looking for a job, take these in mind and you can have a successful career.