Trailblazer Times

March 23-27, 2015


*March 23: Filming in A Hallway from 8:15-10:00ish? (see notes below)

March 23: PLC Book Study (meet with your group as you determine)

March 24: Kinder Planning Day

March 24: PTO Global Safari Program (see schedule sent in email last week)

March 24: DLI Educator Meeting @ Wilson 3:30-4:30pm

March 25: HTHT for Kinder

March 25: 2nd Grade Planning

March 25: PTO Sponsored DCE @ Whataburger Night 4:00-9:00pm

*March 26: 3rd Grade Music Program for School 8:45am in Cafeteria (see schedule sent out last week)

March 26: SBDM Meeting @ 3:15-4:14pm in Library

March 26: 3rd Grade Music Program for Parents 6:30pm in DCE Cafeteria

March 27: Last Day of 3rd 9 Weeks Spirit Rally @ 8:15am in Gym

March 27: 4th Grade "Writing Boot Camp" all day upstairs

March 27: RtI for DL sections in WDCE Room or Tricia's office (she'll let you know)

March 30: STAAR Writing Test Day 1 for 4th Grade

March 31: STAAR Writing Test Day 2 for 4th Grade


1. Please let me know if your Trail Days group would like to perform at the Spirit Rally.

2. If you are planning on changing your club for the 2nd Trail Days, please let me know as the catalog will go out this week for students to select their club choices.

3. PLEASE remember to follow the deadlines for report cards that Tricia sends out!

4. As your team leader shared with you, I will be sending out several committee opportunities for you to participate in. Follow your passion and sign up for the one(s) that speak to your talent and interest! We need your expertise and voice!


March 2nd: Lindsey Shaw

March 9th: Allison Greene

March 10th: Barbra VanRiper

March 14th: Jill Kopinski

March 20th: Annette Sanders

March 21st: Kathy Struck

March 24th: Martha Brown

March 30: Trish Walberg


CELEBRATE...Little Baby Faundez who will make their appearance next September!

CELEBRATE...Coach for all his school spirit and support...even if that means dressing like Elsa!

CELEBRATE...Barbara and all the time and effort she has been spending to ensure we are all ready for STAAR testing!

CELEBRATE...A GREAT Open House! Students were so proud to show off their learning and the parents were very impressed!

CELEBRATE...All the outstanding learner work that is displayed around the building!

CELEBRATE...the end of the 3rd 9 Weeks! One more to go! :)

CELEBRATE...All the hard work everyone is putting into to ensure that their learners are successful!! You all are the BEST!!!