Amnet Newsletter March 2016

The year has been off to a busy start.

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What’s on the menu for March 2016?

We hope you enjoyed our first newsletter, the fact that you're reading the second release hopefully means you did. Please let us know if there are specific features that you would like us to include going forward.

This month's articles are will build on the basis from February, diving deeper into the world of Programmatic Media Buying and what it all entails and has to offer.

Please see below the latest analysis of the South African Digital Landscape courtesy of our friends at the IAB and Effective Measure. Please get in touch with us if you would like to have estimations on CPM /CPC rates and estimated impressions / view or any other audience data that we have access to when you are planning a campaign.

We have gathered a great deal of data since we started and have bought across 156,000 publishers the last 8 months.

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Different Buying Options

To understand the different buying options, it's important to firstly understand what programmatic media buying is - Programmatic is people using data and technology to deliver better business outcomes

Once this concept can be understood, we can go one step further into the actual buying options:

1. Open Auction

2. PMP (Private Market Place)

3. Private Deal

A visual representation below puts the different options into perspective. Come and chat to us if you think we can explore Private Marketplaces or private deal with premium publishers for your brand.

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The Amnet Audience Center

This is our secret weapon for performance within the Programmatic Industry.....A super sophisticated DMP (Data Management Platform) which takes large volumes of data and allows us to action insights and trends in the most efficient way.

Let's put this into perspective:

Our clients we could have anywhere between 1 - 10 000 000 people a day interacting with their brand via their website.

Audience insight is impossible to scale without a technology aid. Our teams use it to collect data about customers from multiple sources to create custom targetable audience segments for Amnet to connect with executing digital campaigns.

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This can be broken down into three phases:

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What Does This All Mean?

We can use the information collected to compile a profile of the client's desired audience, not only to retarget them but to build out effective prospecting audience based on similar characteristics shared from consumers who've already engaged with the brand.

Implementation Nightmare?

I bet you're pretty impressed by the value the Amnet Audience Center can provide for your clients but are probably wondering, what's the catch? Impossible implementation? Slow Site Loading Speed?

The answer is none of the above, there is option available to have a single once off pixel implemented which can be managed from our end so there is no need to have a back and fourth between technical, client & agency.

And since there is only one tag across the site, there is no negative affect on page load speeds.

The Final Nail In The Coffin For Flash

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Latest Addition To Our Offering!

We recently started a relationship with ESPN to gain access to their inventory in a programmatic way. They are one of the largest name's in the sporting world.

With over 35 Million South African impressions available per month, there's a reason why their slogan is " The Worldwide Leader in Sports "

Below is an example of a ESPN PMP (Private Market Place) that we can create for clients:

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What's Next for Cross-Device?

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Understanding an audience from a cross-device lens is more important than ever as consumer habits shift toward multiple screen media consumption. Read our 2016 predictions for the ever evolving cross device space here

Amnet Newcomer

The Amnet team is growing as we are very excited to welcome Shane Jaftha to the team who will be interning with us for the month of March 2016.
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