Yasmins Bucket List

Who am I?

Yasmin here, and I guess you could say this a list of all the things I want to do before I'm 27. I'm a high school student looking to experience the world and all it has to offer. I want to travel to different parts of the globe to experience different cultures and take part in festivities as well as learn as many languages that my brain can handle. I want to see Asia, Africa and South America. I want to be able to meet new people, try new food, and learn a new language. I'm fairly adventurous, however not enough to go skydiving or anything like that. I love the social aspect of travelling and experiencing the world with your closest friends and family by your side. I want to make memories that I'll be able to cherish with the people that matter the most to me and that is how this bucket list came to be.My bucket list consists of things I want to witness that I know will memorable moments in history as well as fulfilling personal goals that are driven by religion and reaching a level of self actualization.

It's all about the experience

It's all about the view

Meeting the Fam Bam

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My family is massive, and it is a mission of mine to meet them all. After my parents moved to Canada from Ethiopia, they've had multiple opportunities to go back an see their parents and siblings however I haven't. When I was really young, about five years old I got to Eritrea with my mom and brother but that was the first and only time that I've visited East Africa to see my family. With the whole war and ongoing conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia, my family is scattered between those two countries and it is impossible to go to both places in one visit. Before I a 27, I am determined to visit both Eritrea and Ethiopia to see my grandparents, and my 30+ cousins that I've only heard about and have yet to see in person. Family is so important to us so it is fair to say that this is my priority when it comes to this bucket list.