How To Not Be a Bystander

Learn different ways how to stop by standing and take action

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How To Not Be a Bystander is an organization that helps people figure out what to do in a bullying incident. Refreshments are available.

What To Do In a Bullying Situation.

Tuesday, Dec. 9th, 12-2:30pm

1 Normal Ave

Montclair, NJ


$5 entry fee to help us fund this organization. Pay fee at front desk donations are also accepted at the desk. A special thanks to all of our supporters. Make sure you save the date!


12-12:15pm: Arriving Time

12:15-12:35pm: Discussion Talk

12:35-1:20pm: Movie and Refreshments

1:20-1:50pm: Reenactment

1:50-2:15pm: Discussion Talk with Guess Speaker

2:15-2:30pm: Departure Time