Tech & Media Updates

September 2021

"The greatest gift we can give to the world is to positively impact the life of a child."

Dr. Christopher Weikart, Executive Director, LCS

Tech Tips & Troubleshooting Guide

These are quick tips for resolving the most common tech issues that may occur. THIS GUIDE is posted on the website under Employees > Instructional Technology & Support. It can also be found in The Learning Hub within Canvas and in the Technology Knowledgebase located on the district site.

Don't hesitate to submit a tech ticket anytime you need help, but THIS GUIDE will allow for immediate solutions to common technology issues. This troubleshooting guide can be shared with students to develop their capacity to become tech experts and resolve in-class issues. You can post it on your teacher website, add it to your Canvas course, print it out, etc. Your school media coordinator is always available to assist anytime as well.

Need Tech Help?

The LCS Tech team is here for YOU! For any tech need, simply enter a Tech Ticket using our online ticketing system.

The Tech team strives to provide the fastest response possible to ensure that you are able to focus on teaching and learning. Phone calls and text messages do not allow for tracking of issues, monitoring responses time, and identifying bigger trends across schools or the district that help us to identify and diagnose larger issues. So be sure to enter a Tech Ticket any time you need tech help.

Note: Responses to tickets are always sent through email from Open the email and click the link for important information. If you reply to the ticket instead of clicking the link, no one receives your response. Make sure you click the link in the ticket so you receive timely communication regarding your issue.

There's an App for that!

Have an app you would like to use with your students?

If teachers have an app they would like pushed out to student iPads, they will follow these steps:

  1. Submit a Tech Ticket with the exact name of the app.
  2. In the ticket, include a link to the app from within the App Store.
  3. Provide the grade level of the students who will be using the app and general information on how it will be used by students.
  4. The Tech Dept. will examine the security, privacy, and access to data the app requires as well as compliance with state and federal data and privacy laws.
  5. Teachers will be notified via their Tech Ticket when an app has been approved for student use.

Once a student app is approved, use this RESOURCE that explains how students will access the app. The information is also posted in the Learning Hub and on the Technology Knowledgebase site.

We're coming as quick as we can!

Thank you all for your patience with the Tech Team the last month or so! With twice as many devices now (which is a GREAT thing for LCS!) and some other challenges, our response time may not have been as quick as usual. We appreciate your understanding as we adjust to our exciting & expanding new digital learning environment. Your tech needs are our top priority!

Did You Know...All LCS students and teachers in grades K-12 are fully 1:1! "Equitable Opportunities for All"