K-12 Mobile Learning Apps

Ryan Lacy

Mobile Learning

Mobile learning is growing in popularity greatly due to advancements in technology. Apps are one exciting way teachers can promote mobile learning amongst their student. Here are five great apps which can be used with K-12 students.
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#1 Brain Pop

BrainPop is an animated curriculum content which is used to engage students and bolster educational achievement. It covers many curriculum including science, social studies, English, math, engineering & tech, health, and arts and music. There is also a BrainPop junior which caters to K-3 students. The app is free and operates on iOS 4.2 or later and Android.

This app could be used by educators to supplement material taught in class. The app could be used in the classroom as well as in a mobile way to engage students in learning.
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#2 The Elements

The Elements is a mobile app which goes in depth into the periodic table. It allows the user to visualize all the elements of the table as well as when selected brings up a new page with detailed facts and figures.

This app would come in handy for both Junior high and High school chemistry teachers to bring to life the periodic table.The app costs $6.99 and operates on iOS (3.2 or later).
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#3 Storykit

Storykit allows you to create an electronic story book. Text can be written by the user before either uploading images or drawing right on the page. The app is free for all users to download and use on both iOS (3.0 or later) and Android.

This app would be a great addition to any English or creative writing class. This app would be most relevant to K-6 students.
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#4 MathBoard

MathBoard is a math app created for iOS 5.0 or later. The app allows students to take practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems. The app generates problems with up to 250 questions per quiz. Quizzes can be saved and timed and allows the user to see which questions they got right and wrong.

The app could be used to make math homework more tolerable for all students, This app allows for students to work on problems both in the class room as well as for use in mobile learning.
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#5 Flashcard Maker Pro

Flashcard Maker Pro allows students to make digital flashcards for use on their Android phone or tablet. Cards can be easily navigate through with the swipe of a finger. The app also allows for audio playback in multiple languages. The app costs $4.95 and operates with Android.

The benefit of this app is it could be of use in almost every classroom and subject. This would be especially useful for high school teachers to teach their students how to study.