sawmill operater

bryson ramsey and Jack Rodgers



I have lived around the sawmill all my life .My dad also lived around it also . My grandpa also lived around it as well . So that is why I want to be a sawmiller when I grow up.
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4th step

This is the main station of the sawmill, the band saw. The band saw takes the log and cuts boards out of the logs.
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5th step

The resaw takes the cants out of a log and cuts boards. The rest of the cant continues on the train to go through the saw again.
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6th step

The edger is a saw that trims the rugged edges of a board to a square flat edge.
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7th step

The end trimmer cut each board to a certain length. It also cuts the boards bad end off.
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8th step

The lumber chain is the last stop for the finished board of the saw mill. The board is sent down a long chain and is pulled of at its certain grade and size pack.

Lumber selling process

Load of lumber

A load of lumber can range in prices. Most loads are around $3,000-$15,000.
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Salary as a sawmiller

Your salary as a sawmiller can range from millions to hundreds. If you have a big up to date and trained forestry educated graders you can make millions. if you are small and not educated in much sawmilling you probably won't make much. The highest paid job of the sawmill would be either the truck drivers or the sawyer.