Home Remedies for Moles

My name is Joe I am a mole who is suing my former owner for attempted murder. Furthermore since she was discussing it with various people i can only assume it was pre meditated. I have sought legal advice and have the support of the MABLUL organization. This stands for Moles Are Beautiful Let us Live and they have been around since the seventies when moles were considered to be beautiful. I don't like my owner anyway as she was vain and stupid. She would spend all day in the mirror checking her face for lines and wrinkles and pulling out her grey hairs. I was quite embarrassed to belong to her and her dog was even worse. He would lick at me all the time and i had to sit there and take it as she just laughed and said 'stop it Jack silly boy'. He was a king Charles cavalier spaniel and she was always fussing the stupid thing. Supposedly descended from a king all it did was sit on her lap all day yapping at me. She had five dogs altogether but Jack was the only one who bullied me. Then there were the cats she had the wretched squeaky things from when they were kittens and i had to endure weeks of scratches when they kept tapping and swiping at me. One once made me bleed and the crazy dog licked at me furiously. This stopped me bleeding though which i suppose is the only good thing about the horrendous daily licking experience. Then one day i heard her say it over the phone to a skin specialist "please can i make an appointment to have my mole removed'. This proves that it was premeditated. So I contacted MABLUL and they advised encouraging the dog to lick at me whilst they sent telepathic messages to it which meant that i was able to slip off and attend an urgent meeting. MABLUL have said that my case is one of the worst cases that they have ever heard of. I am so angry at my owner

How to Remove Moles Naturally (Part 1)