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February 12, 2016

General Information

Happy Valentines Day!! (early)

Two Things:

1. On February 24th, our team will be traveling to Woods to check out the CTE classes offered at the high school. This gives the students a clear perspective of the different types of classes they can register for at MHS.

2. The final field trip payment is due on February 25th.

3. As a reminder, cell phones are not to be used at school. Students who have their phones visibly out will first be asked to put it away. However, failure to comply with the teacher will result in the phone being taken to the office with a referral and a parent must pick up the phone. We understand that parents need their students to have a phone with them after school for a variety of reasons, however phones cannot be used during the instructional day. Should you need to contact your child please do so by calling the front office at 704-658-2720 and a message will be relayed to your child.

Class Happenings

Language Arts

Eighth Grade Langauge Arts students are diving deeper into their novel study, Discovering Wes Moore. Students are currently analyzing setting and how it impacts and develops the characters. Students are challenged daily with high level questions to enhance their level of comprehension with the text. Additionally, students are charged with developing unique images related to the novel to display their understanding of imagery.

As we continue our reading of Discovering Wes Moore, students will be able to verbally express their thoughts about events in the novel and understanding as to how our actions can occasionally have consequences.


Tutoring: Due to meetings this week, I can work with the students on Wednesday until 3:15. Nothing on Thursday.

Pre-Algebra: Students finished with their unit on Systems of equations. It was a combination of graphing linear equations and solving multi step equations. It definitely challenges the students to see an application for what they have been learning, but they pushed through very well.

Math 1: This week the students were challenged with linear programming. This concept was moved down from Math 3 into Math 1 to coincide with graphing linear inequalities. The students were amazing! It is not easy to put all of these things together and I was impressed with how they handled it. Next we will begin factoring and moving into quadratics. Much of what you will see coming home will look like the Algebra you remember.

Social Studies

In Social Studies, we are continuing our exploration of the Antebellum Period of American history. We’ve looked at the Underground Railroad and interacted with Pear Deck to learn about the compromises and consequences which occurred when new territories wanted to become states. We created Antebellum timelines to help us view the order of events leading to the Civil War. We looked at perspectives of various people about the Antebellum events and began the first steps of our Perspectives Paper Doll Project by selecting our event and persona. We also wrote our speech bubble.

Next week we will develop our persona further and digitize our Paper Doll Perspectives. We will also begin our look at the development of political parties and Lincoln’s Inaugural Address.

If you have scraps of fabric, yarn, ribbon, patterned paper, etc. that you could donate for our projects, please send it by your child on Tuesday. We want to make our characters come alive!

Tutoring this week: Tuesdsay until 3:15

Please join my Remind account. You can text @ca8289 to 81010 to join or use the link


The students received their second vocabulary list this week. These words as well as words from the first list will be on the next CFA quiz (which will be next Friday,Feb. 19th). Please remind your child to use, as well as their notes and review these words. It is very important to review these words and Vocabulary A words for next weeks quiz.

Just a reminder, I have a membership to Remind101. If you would like to join send a text to 81010. In the message type @mrdunag. It will send a message back with instructions on how to join. I will send texts out as reminders for upcoming quizzes, test and projects. Thank you for all you do helping your child with Science and especially the vocabulary.

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