Just a Dream: Analysis

By Chris Van Allsburg


This book creates a realistic view of what can happen if children do not take care of their planet. Walter is taken on a surrealistic journey through is own dreams. This journey throughout his dreams give him an insight to the future, that he may be contributing to. Walter is surprised to find out what he is doing is creating a negative impact to his planet and distorts his view of the future. This dream inspires Walter to treat his world kindly.

Analyzing Particular Images.

This book contains dull pictures of the future environment. The main focus of the illustrations is Walter and his bed. The bed travels throughout the world, by landing in odd places. The images are realistic and life-like. While the illustrations are framed by white borders. Some of the images are double paged illustrations while others are single page or are smaller than half of the page. The bigger pictures seemed to have more creativity because of his vivid dreams.

Students: Jessica Zerr, Taryn Stull, Jayme Taylor, Brenda Saenz