Chase Day Block 1


  • Atomic number-8
  • Atomic mass- 16 grams
  • Symbol- O
  • Colorless
  • Odorless
  • Tasteless
  • Non-Metal
  • Density- 1.149
  • Used to help us breath
  • Help grow plants
  • Used to make acids
  • Stable Isotopes- 16O 17O 18O


One day during a rainy day a guy named Carl Wilhelm was with a couple of his scientists friends when they made a very important discovery. But lets take it back to the morning of the discovery. Carl was enjoying a nice breakfast when he became short of breath and didn't know why. He regained his breath after a couple deep breaths and he pondered on that for the day.

Carl and his friends were in the lab and he was telling them about what happened that morning and they were confused but that didn't stop their work. Carl was working and he became short of breath again. The guys didn't know what was going on and he showed them the deep breaths and they were shocked on what happened.

The scientists were trying to figure out what was happening when Carl took the deep breaths. They were doing tests and they couldn't figure out what was happening. The guys were giving up and were leaving and were putting out the candles so they covered the flame with a beaker to put out the candle and Carl got an idea. The guys realized a gas called oxygen was needed to ignite the flame and to keep it ignited. So from that day on the year 1774 oxygen has been recognized for how important it really is.