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A message from Senior Asher Fagan,

Hey Franklin Band Families!

I hope you have all been doing well through these hard times. The 2020 TFB senior class has certainly been through some unpleasant “firsts” this year, beginning with what happened at COC and now COVID-19. The losses and fears of COVID-19 certainly put other events in perspective. Despite not being able to have prom, graduation, or band banquet and missing daily time in the band room, hanging out with friends, I’ve been able to appreciate some aspects of social distancing. I’m enjoying this extra time with my family (including the famous Violet), as well as a break from the usual structured routine of high school life. In addition to finishing up some classes and preparing for AP exams, I have been able to work more at Publix in Fieldstone Farms and build up my savings before leaving for college in August. Work has always been fun because I get to see so many parents, friends, and FHS staff although now COVID-19 is often on my mind when I’m there. It’s been scary at times, but I’m glad I’ve been able to do something to help during this crisis.

Social distancing has also given me more time to reflect on my TFB experience, which was nothing but amazing. Looking back at my freshman year in the front ensemble I never could have anticipated multiple staff changes, marching tenors in the drumline for two years, and then switching to snare my senior year. TFB has provided me with countless positive experiences as well as some fairly difficult life lessons, and I will miss the students, staff, and parents that I got to meet along the way.

With that being said, social distancing has actually made it easier to leave high school and prepare to attend college at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio as I’ve had to say some goodbyes sooner than expected. Also, four years of great memories far outweigh the loss of my end-of-year senior experiences. I want to close by thanking all of the parents, students, and staff for everything they have done to make marching band such a wonderful experience.


Our Booster Meeting will be held via ZOOM tonight @ 7:00PM. Look for the link in your email 15 minutes prior. This is to lower the risk of drop ins from unwanted sources. Please attend as we will go over our current status and plans for the future.


  1. Board elections
  2. Flag sales & installations
  3. Car wash
  4. Band banquet
  5. Financials
  6. Band season
  7. Mini-camp
  8. Band camp
  9. Q&A

FIRST, take a look back at who we are and what we are about.

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2020-2021 Franklin Band Membership Survey

What have our students been up to? Let them show you!

Cadence Student Quarantine Projects 4_28

What are some of the other kids saying about what they have been up to?

Aspen Elliott Gardening, skateboarding, cooking

Moana Mancuso I’ve been planning a video that visualizes my synesthesia, only problem is that I don’t know how to animate

Caitlin Townsend Learning sign language.

Claire Pierret I’ve been learning some guard tricks

Katie Griese I’ve been painting my bathroom!

Romy Binstein I have been working on making T-shirt for my company, and completing more art projects.

Damian Owen Working on building a huge factory in a game called satisfactory. Lots of fun

Lauren Bender Puzzles and baking

Noah Pagel I’ve been training to make it into the top 8 Super Smash Bros players in the county alongside Henrique.

Evan Amadeus Cameron Working on after effects chops and learning more piano technique/songs and working on my French again

Asher Fagan I’m keeping a Covid19 journal; the university that I’ll be attending will be making a collection of them from current and incoming students.

Anna Young I am in the process of creating a nonprofit called Mommy Cares 4 U. It is a baby item delivery service for moms in need (often new single moms) in the Nashville and Los Angeles area. We make sure these moms in need receive necessary items for their little one such as formula and diapers at no charge to them without the stress of risking both the health of the themselves and their child during this quarantine season! Being a mom is a hard enough job, so we bring the love to their doorstep! Let me know if you would like to help or get involved :)

Jack Sanborn New job at Sonic.

Emily Rosebrook I’ve been learning my old favorite piano pieces and finishing my second poetry book.

Brandon Vaughan I’ve been reading more now that I have more free time and it’s reminding me of why I loved it so much :)

Nick Cui Learning a Liszt piece on piano: Un Sospiro, which means “a sigh”. I’m trying to learn this hard part halfway through the song but it’s taking about as long as I expected.

Paul Muirhead I'm currently working on some short, melodic pieces for tuba, and some tonging exercises

David Haskins I have started working on transcribing some of my favorite songs.

Annalise Dodson "I want to make some more YouTube type videos. They're in planning stages right now due to my annoying standards for myself. (I'd show a good example, but school internet blocks all the good ones. Here I have linked a video for kids that I made in the 8th grade. It's unfortunately my most viewed video.) I am trying to draw more and teach myself guitar though."

Sam Pillay I’ve been working on a bunch of fun choreographies I found on YouTube to keep myself physically engaged and it has been a way to release stress during this lockdown!

Elise Chenault I challenged myself to exercise outside everyday.

Braxton Lazarus Learning guitar, table tennis, and finishing Eagle scout

If they could have whatever food they wanted right now, what would it be?

Liam Owsley Pizza

Sage McClung Grilled salmon

Leah Gallers A donut

Matthew Peck Chinese from PF Chang’s or wegmans, and Smash Burger in DC

LE Acuff fluffy pancakes with fruit and syrup

Ian Robbins Some freaking sushi

Clay Bibby Spaghetti with alfredo sauce

Walker DeYoung Ethiopian

Lucie Pitt Mac & Cheese

Lilly Cloyes pizza

Colby Hayes Publix Chicken Tender sub with pepper jack cheese and chipotle mayo

Burke Edwards Chickfila chicken sandwich

Skye Bendheim Spaghetti

Finn Schaefer Hot Cheetos (nasty, I know)

Braxton Algood hashbrowns

Jossalyn Varden Chicken dumpling soup

Ryan Huml Chuy’s enchiladas

Noah Sacdalan In n Out

Delaney Talbert Pasta!!

Emma Simpson I have a mini pizza rn but Chinese takeout would be nice

MaryKate Polk um everything looks good to be honest but I guess cake

Alayna Bibby Cookie dough.

Kirstin French Spring rolls!

Jesse Hartland A huge bowl of vindaloo

Melanie Miga chips & queso

Gaby Voyles Chaussons aux pommes

Brylee Carrasco french fries and mac and cheese!!!

Ellie Ward Probably mac n cheese:)

Kayla Stephens Strawberry cake

Aspen Elliott Broccoli cheddar soup

Moana Mancuso Sonic’s Mozzarella sticks

Caitlin Townsend dumplings

Claire Pierret Sushi

Katie Griese Buttered noodles with parmesan

Romy Binstein Any type of fruit, probably watermelon

Damian Owen Spaghetti

Lauren Bender Pizza

Noah Pagel Moe’s

Patrick Lama In-N-Out

Evan Amadeus Cameron Sushi

Asher Fagan Chick-fil-a

Anna Young Pizza from Sams Club

Jack Sanborn Mini tacos

Emily Rosebrook The beef and shrimp order at Sarku Japan in Coolsprings Galleria

Brandon Vaughan watermelon

Nick Cui New York style pizza. Just one slice. Or a margherita pizza.

Paul Muirhead Sushi

David Haskins Marcos pizza. Easily my favorite food.

Anna Bolin Macaroni and cheese

Annalise Dodson Tteokbokki... a spicy Korean dish I got when Ellie B. and I finished rollerskating. I hunger for those good times with my friends the most... teehee!

Sam Pillay ZAXBYS

Elise Chenault Waffles

Braxton Lazarus Chicken bacon ranch melt with extra spinach and extra ranch

Nate Linn Chipotle Burrito

A third of our band thinks a hot dog is a sandwich. We have failed as leaders.

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In a sudden battle, which pokemon would our students throw out?

Liam OwsleySandshrew

Ian RobbinsSpiritomb

Rowane Sylvester

Clay BibbyMinun

Walker DeYoungSquirtel

Lucie PittLucario

Lilly CloyesEmpoleon

Colby Hayes Froslass

Burke EdwardsLuigi

Skye bendheimSkitty

Finn SchaeferVictini!

Braxton AlgoodMr. Ruth

Jossalyn Varden Espeon.

Ryan HumlSlowbro.

Noah SacdalanSWINUB 100% DEFO SWINUB

Delaney TalbertCharmelion

Emma SimpsonCharizard

Alayna BibbyGalarian Ponyta.

Kirstin French

Jesse HartlandXerneas

Melanie Migasquirtle

Gaby VoylesDitto

Brylee Carrasco

Ellie Wardpikachu

Kayla Stephens

Aspen ElliottOddish

Moana MancusoMewtwo

Caitlin TownsendRayquaza

Katie GrieseMeowth

Damian OwenPichu just for fun

Lauren BenderVenusaur

Noah PagelZoroark

Patrick LamaI’m not a weeb

Evan Amadeus CameronInfernape

Jack SanbornIncineroar

Emily Rosebrookmetapod

Brandon Vaughanarcanine

Nick Cui Staraptor

Paul MuirheadDitto

David HaskinsArceus, the literal god of Pokemon.

Annalise DodsonAmpharos... the GOAT

Elise ChenaultPikachu

Braxton LazarusBlastoise

Nate LinnPikachu

Jake WittmerPiplup

Student Quarantine Advice

Liam Owsley Go with the flow with this pandemic and see what happens and wash your hands

Sage McClung Pick something new you want to learn and work hard at it!

Leah Gallers Try some new things to keep yourself busy.

Matthew Peck USE THIS TIME WISELY. I haven’t been making consistent progress and I beat myself up, but at the same time I have not been regretting too much of it. Just find something fun to learn about, attempt to plan out your day, improve yo self.

LE Acuff keep busy, and do lots of projects

Ian Robbins Stop hanging out with your friends and it won’t last as long

Rowane Sylvester Find a hobby that keeps you happy

Clay Bibby Avoid the Big Sad at all costs.

Walker DeYoung Don’t think of it as quarantine. Treat this like a vacation and use this time to put in more work to get better at something. Lastly to still go outside and do things you enjoy for example going on bike rides or running.

Lucie Pitt We are living through a global pandemic, which I know has caused me to be a lot more anxious than usual. My advice would be to find calming activities, such as music, that help distract you from the craziness of the world, even if it’s only momentarily. Lastly, during unsure times such as now, make sure you are checking in on your friends and family. We could all use a little reminder that we are loved right now.

Lilly Cloyes Try going back to a hobby you used to be interested in but stopped, there’s plenty of time to work on it now

Colby Hayes let loose. sleep. eat. school is over. all bad vibes are banned.

Burke Edwards Stay fresh and get ready for May 16th when Jupiter, Venus, and the moon align to make a smiley face!

Skye bendheim Try something new everyday

Finn Schaefer Just focus all your frustration and gathered energy into things you love to do. Now Is the time to really allow yourself to run wild with creativity and stop procrastinating ideas you’ve had for year, learn a new instrument, write a book, or just play video games. Just do what you love!

Braxton Algood find a hobby

Jossalyn Varden Try to keep busy as best you can and stay in contact with people.

Ryan Huml Make the most of your newly aquired free time.

Noah Sacdalan Pick up something new, something ambitious, to create something that you can be proud of so you can use the most of this time.

Delaney Talbert Create a general daily schedule and try to get outdoors when you can!

MaryKate Polk you know man just chill. like sleep all day eat all day do what ever.

Alayna Bibby Make sure that you take care of yourself and your mental health. Use this time to reflect and better yourself.

Kirstin French Make sure to take time for yourself. I know that this is an opportunity to spendmtime with family but make sure to give yourself some time to just take care of you!

Jesse Hartland Welcome to being an introvert gang

Melanie Miga keep a set routine & look for positivity in the small things :)

Gaby Voyles Find three things: something fun to fill your time inside, something that gets you up and moving whether that be hiking, biking, or walking around your neighborhood, and something that you can do to brighten someone else's day. You'll be amazed how much those three things will change your experience in quarantine.

Brylee CarrascoGo outside!! Read a book! Or go buy a coloring book that is meant for children (I suggest Crayolas epic book of awesome it comes with stickers too!)

Kayla Stephens We’re almost done, you got this. Be safe and take care of yourself!

Aspen Elliott Have a routine, have multiple activities to do

Moana Mancuso It is ok to feel down during this time. It’s completely fine that you feel down and others are making themselves better, either with self-care, workouts, etc. We’re all going through this together and if it gets to you, that is alright.

Caitlin Townsend try to come up with a schedule/routine or figure out a way to exercise and stay healthy

Claire Pierret Be patient, this is a hard time for everyone

Katie Griese Do something you’ve always wanted to do/ try!

Romy Binstein Focus on doing the things that make you happy, all we can do during this time is improve ourselves.

Damian Owen Make sure to stay active, and have a schedule because you can get cabin fever soooooo quick. I start my day out with schoolwork/zooms, then I go for bike ride and then play video games and watch movies later.

Lauren Bender Keep yourself entertained by doing something you wouldn’t normally do like a random art project you see on pinterest

Noah Pagel Be positive and tell a lot of jokes

Patrick Lama Go outside to get some fresh air

Evan Amadeus Cameron Even though it sucks, waking up early (before 10 basically) and making your bed. It’s helped me keep my days straight and my head on my shoulders because it gives me a task accomplished in the morning with the rest of the day open to possibility

Anna Young Understand that everyone goes through crisis differently: Give others grace! Maybe the best thing for someone else is to go on a walk with a friend! It is not your place to judge them. Oh also READ BOOKS! You have so much time!!!

Emily Rosebrook Try to think about the people you could be saving rather than how bored you are

Brandon Vaughan Be okay with every day not being your best day!! It’s a weird time we’re living in, so it’s okay if you struggle to complete your routine and accomplish all of your daily goals sometimes. It’s okay to not be at your 100% all the time.

Nick Cui Do whatever makes you happy. If you like to eat, then eat. If you like to exercise, then exercise. If you like to watch 7 hours of the office every day then maybe try to cut it down to 2 or something. I would attempt to maintain a schedule, which can make people’s life easier as it gives them a “purpose” every day, and can encourage them to retain a sense of normalcy in their day to day lives during this pandemic. If you’re like me and you HAVE to do something every day besides watching shows and whatnot, don’t procrastinate, and try to be productive.

Paul Muirhead Practice your instrument, find something else to do, and use sites like zoom to stay connected.

David Haskins Find new hobbies, but try to find more than one. If you do the same thing the entire time, it will be boring, but if you have options, it is easier to find something to do.

Anna Bolin Find an area of interest or something you want to get good at and spend a lot of time on that.

Annalise Dodson-Try something new or do stuff you've been putting off forever since you got time. If you don't do everything, try not to stress yourself out.
-Keep a journal. It helps to make the days seem less meshed together. There's apps for it. My favorite is Reflectly. It's also fun to log dreams in there too.

Sam Pillay Take time to relax and to be one with your emotions; I know I definitely struggled with negative emotions and just feeling down, so I would explore new ways to let them out/manage them in healthy way, which for me has been dance.

Elise Chenault Try to stay productive and active, while also taking the time to relax and enjoy the time off.

Braxton Lazarus Own up to the free time you now have, use time wisely and pray/keep others in mind throughout this quarantine.

Nate Linn Have fun

Jake Wittmer Find a hobby you enjoy and stick with it!

Music & Literature Snack


We are the music makers,
And we are the dreamers of dreams,
Wandering by lone sea-breakers,
And sitting by desolate streams;—
World-losers and world-forsakers,
On whom the pale moon gleams:
Yet we are the movers and shakers
Of the world for ever, it seems.


Arthur O'Shaughnessy, Music and Moonlight (1874)

Elgar The Music Makers op. 69