GMOs of Zebra Glofish

By: Morgan Drury & Kaitlyn Strauser

Who, What, Where, When, & Why

The Glowing Zebrafish is exactly what it sounds like, a zebrafish that can glow in the dark. The GM tetra is a small fresh water fish that includes genetic material from a fluorescent coral that makes it neon bright and allows it to glow under a black light. These fish were originally bred to help detect environmental pollutants. It was created in Yorktown, first by a group at the National University of Singapore in the late 1990's.

Making of the GMO

The GMO is made my adding a fluorescence gene from a sea coral(anemone) to the zebra danio eggs to produce the Glofish. This gene is what causes them to be fluorescent. Incidentally, They didn't have to breed more generations once the first GMO was made because the fish would was injected with the gene first was able to give it to its descendants.

Current Status

The GMO successfully made the zebrafish able to glow when in the prescence of environmental toxins, and the fish are now having even more colors added to their eggs to produce more different colors of fish.



-The fish fluoresce in the prescence of pollutants to help environmentalists with their research and studies.

-This new product of biotechnology won't pose any threats to anyone or anything


-Breeding between escaped Glofish and native Glofish could weaken the progeny and negatively affect the native fish species in future generations

-California has banned these fish because they are uncertain of them.

-Glofish are about to hit stores without any clear regulatory check or synthetic safety assessment, showing that we don't exactly know how to deal with this type of biotechnology yet.

-The Glofish can't survive in cold waters.

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