Clark High School Monday Memo

January 18, 2016

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A representative from UT-Dallas will be here to present college information to students on Tuesday, January 19th. He will be presenting during all study halls in room 100W. Please take roll first and then send those students who are interested down to the presentation as soon as possible.

The Environmental Club needs an updated count of recycling bins. Please complete the survey below. It will take less than 30 seconds... I promise!

January Students of the Month

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Clark staff are "Pawsing to Brag!” on their colleagues!

Jerrod Kay—“Thanks for volunteering to create materials, adapt what we have—etc. You always step up, and you are an asset to our team.” Karen Stanton

Amy Johnson—“Thanks for volunteering to make copies, share materials—whatever the team needs. I am grateful for you.” Thanks!! Karen Stanton

Cristine Jordan—“Thank you for “filling my bucket”. Your passion inspires me. Rachael Steward

Cristine Jordan—“You are a diamond among jewels!” Amazing job this semester. Keep up the great well.” CHS Staff

BPA to Sponsor Children’s Book Drive

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The Business Professionals of America (BPA) Community Service project this year is approaching. It is a school-wide Book Drive held from January 19-25, 2016. The main goal of this Book Drive is to collect used books (mainly for young children under the age of 9) from all the students at Clark through their study hall classes. At the end of the event, our BPA members donate all the collected books to a local charity for young children. In addition, we receive $500 from the Meadows Foundation, to purchase additional books for donation. In all, we collected 427 books last year but we want many more this year. This is the tenth year that the Clark organization has sponsored the Book Drive. So on MLK Day, get in the attic or in the kids bedroom and clean out those old books that are too young for your children and bring them in to be recycled to a child that might not ever have a book to read.

Remember, the class that collect the most books per capita will receive some “fabulous” gift cards and/or coupons from local businesses.

The 10th grade girls’ basketball team beat Rockwall 59-39 this past Friday

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Our feeder middle school 8th graders came to Clark on Friday night for a band concert!

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Clark Debaters Dominate...AGAIN!

Quite a few of our Debaters and Interpers experienced success last weekend at the University of Houston and Dobie High School Tournaments.

Here’s the complete list:

U of H Congressional debate—Nick Senktas 3rd, Nick Teachenor 4th

U of H Public Forum Debate—Conway Xu and Burzin Balsara reached the Octofinal round

U of H Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking—Nick Teachenor 2nd

U of H United States Extemporaneous Speaking—Nick Senktas 5th

U of H Original Oratory—Vignesh Subramanian semifinals

U of H Impromptu Speaking—Vignesh Subramanian semifinals

U of H Dramatic Interpretation—Eileen Sharmin semifinals

U of H Prose Reading—Eileen Sharmin semifinals

Dobie HS Public Forum Debate—Nick Senktas and Nick Teachenor 1st

Dobie HS United States Extemp—Burzin Balsara 1st

Dobie HS United States Extemp—Conway Xu semifinals

Dobie HS United States Extemp—Nick Senktas 3rd

Dobie HS Foreign Extemp—Nick Teachenor 3rd

Dobie HS Foreign Extemp—Tarang Sane semis

Dobie HS Foreign Extemp—Sanket Sane semis

Dobie HS Impromptu—Annie Lu 4th

Dobie HS Prose—Eileen Sharmin semis

Dobie HS Dramatic interpretation—Austin Hinely semis

Go Cougars!!!!

Debaters on their way to Houston

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If you don’t want to show up to school on a snow day, then you need to...

In order to facilitate communicating with all employees in the event of school cancellation due to snow or ice conditions, we are in the process of creating an ‘All Employee’ group within the phone messenger system so that all employees would receive a call when the decision is made to cancel school.

Before this group is created, each employee needs to log-in to TEAMS and confirm or update the phone numbers currently listed in the Employee Service Center (ESC).Instructions for accessing the ESC and for updating your contact information are attached to this email.

Please confirm or update your contact number(s) in the ESC by the end of the workday on FRIDAY, JANUARY 22. After this date, the ‘All Employee’ group will be created and a test message may be sent out to all employees.

In the event of any school cancellation, the other resources such as the PISD website, radio and television stations previously used to communicate the closing of schools will continue to be used, with the addition of the new phone messenger group.

If you have any questions, please contact Liz Tycom at .

Texas Open Carry Law - Information for District Employees (10 minute video)

The PISD Safety and Security department has prepared a short, 10 minute video to provide District employees with an overview of the new Texas Open Carry law. The video is available via the following link: