Snow Leopard

Uncia uncia


  • Domain Eukaryote: Eukaryote is a cell that can be single-celled or multicellular but no matter which one it always contains a nucleus.
  • Kingdom Animalia: Multicellular, able to move some point in there life
  • Phylum Chordate:organisms that own a sructure called-Notochord.

A notochord is a rod that straches all most alll of its full length,

makes the body still and acts as support when/during locomotion.

  • Subphylum Vertebrata: All animals in the vertebrata share a chain of bony elements.The vertebral surrounds more or less notochord replaces the body locomotion.
  • Class Mammalia: These animals make milk with mammary glands, have hair in some stage in there life , and three inner ear bones.
  • Order Carnivora: The name carnivora means " it is somtimes taken to mean that all mebers of this group are all carnivora- in my opoinon it mens all.They have specialized teeth for cutting meat and larger then females.
  • Family Felidae: Members of the cat family have retractable claws, has forelimbs for climbing, most bigger cats are able tobe better climes skilled swimmers and other good servival characteristics. Subgroup-small groups can be formed by small or large cats
  • Genus uncia: Snow leopard
  • species: uncial

General Description

  • Color:light gray to smok gray also can be a cram-yellow
  • has awhite tint generally found on the underbody
  • hole body is coverd in grayinsh blakish spots and rosettes.
  • rosettesd are lager rings encircling smaller spots and are only found on the bodys tail.
  • they have strips that brake up into larger spots forimimg gtwo lateral rows and create rings along the center of back
    • Length: has a tail for balence- fact
  • from its nose to its tail it is 1000 to 1300 milameters long
    • Weight: mass of a adult it 35 to 45 kilograms long
  • males are slightly larger thyen femailes
  • the front paw is larger there hind paw
  • Habit: snow Leopards- rocky and broken terrain
  • are known for being by mostly landforms ege close to raguler vegetaion
  • cliffts are the leopards favorite resting place perferd by daytime
  • they live by subalpine zones of a hight of 900 to 5,500 meaters or higher
  • advoid dense forest cover and felds
  • like grassland, medows and sub land
  • Eating:
  • male brings food home for family
  • they eat wild sheep,wild boars, gazelles,hares,markhor,bobak,tahr,marmots,mice and deer. They only eat meat. They eat an animal 3 times its size
  • Physical Adaptations

  • Tail is used for balance. Has retractable claws to grab its food. But mostly used for scaring predators away. They have night vision which helps them see things in the dark.
  • They have a Muffler to protect there nose. Snow leopards blend into the snow which helps them catch there food
  • Behavioral Adaptations

    They sneak up on there pray. They raise there cubs in a cave. They are surrounding Their territory. And by marking there territory they scratch on trees also attracting females.

  • Jumping from high altitudes to leap on there pray is good strategy for Snow leopards.
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