Carmel Creek

May 14, 2016

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Thanks for a spectacular Open House!

You all outdid yourselves. Wow! The school building looked amazing, the art auction was a success (raised over 2,400 hundred dollars). Thank you Ms. Mc Nutt.

Thank you, teachers, for always doing your instructional best and for adding value not only to the lives of each individual student but to our Carmel Creek Community.

It was so special to see all the children sharing their incredible work with parents and extended family members.

Thank you Terry Decker and Board Member Union for attending.

A few photo highlights follow...

Thanks Margaret! It was a lovely Foundation garden lunch.

Something Inspirational-As we begin our testing.

What students saw on their desks when entering their room on test day.

Best of luck to our CC students as we move into our testing next week.

Thanks to Cabinet members for our pancake breakfast!

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Congratulations Mrs. Zimmer-You will be a spectacular Principal.

We wish Mrs. Zimmer much success as she begins a new chapter in Educational Leadership.

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