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Centennial High School 1.27.21


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Social Emotional Learning and Suicide Prevention at CHS

Advisory Update - Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and Suicide Prevention

SEL has been one of the focuses in advisory this year. We have talked about concepts like self-awareness and self-management. We have discussed positive coping strategies and have developed tools like self-care plans. Advisory has been an important place to develop relationships with you and your student(s). One benefit of SEL instruction is that it gives staff and students a common language to discuss successes and challenges.

We also think it is important that students know what to do when they are struggling personally. This week’s lessons are on mental health and suicide prevention. On Monday, we shared information about the mental health therapists that work with students in our district and how to get connected with services as well as how to connect with their CHS Counselor. On Thursday, we will be discussing suicide prevention. We will talk about warning signs, risk factors, and protective factors related to suicide. We will also provide crisis resources to students.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with suicide prevention and to check in with your student throughout this difficult and challenging time. Support is available and we encourage you to reach out for support as needed, together we can support all CHS students.

Below are the crisis resources that we are sharing.

  • YouthLine

    • 877-968-8491

    • Text ‘teen2teen’ to 839863


24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Computer Science and Robotics Coursework

At CHS we are very proud to offer a variety of Computer Science classes and a Robotics class. CHS participates in the Amazon Future Engineer program and this helps us to fund the software needed for these courses. Our students will also have the opportunity for internships and college scholarships due to the Amazon Future Engineer partnership. We believe that all students need the opportunity to learn to program. We are working to expand the sections that we offer so that all of our students can explore this skill.

We also offer a Robotics class to support our Robotics team. This year we were able to send home Robots to program that we purchased with Measure 98 funding. We look forward to our students being back in the classroom programming bigger robots and participating in competitions.

Who is the best Spirit Dance Coach in the nation?

Anne Ellet, the head Dance Coach, was awarded the NFHS National Spirit Coach of the year award. We are proud to have her at CHS. She has been our head coach for 53 years.
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End of the second Quad

The second Quad ends on Friday, February 5th, 2021. Students do not have school on Monday, February 8th; although, their teachers will be hard at work submitting grades and preparing for the third Quad. Students can earn a half credit for each course that they are taking during the second Quad plus 0.125 credits for their advisory class. We will be mailing out report cards and transcripts on the week of February 15th.

Conferences are coming!

We will have student led conferences with your student's advisory teacher on February 16th and 17th. Your student's advisory teacher will send out invitations using PTC Fast. You can also call the office at 503.762.6180 to help you schedule a conference with your student's advisory teacher. The conferences will be conducted via Zoom.

Materials Pick Up for Third Quad

Your student may have materials to pick up for the third Quad. Your student's teachers will let them know if they have materials to pick up. We are running evening pick-up sessions from 3 pm - 6 pm on Tuesday, February 9th, and again on February 16th. We are also open daily from 7 am - 3 pm to pick up materials from the main office.

Forecasting for Next Year

We will be forecasting for next year's classes through StudentVue in the month of March. We will have more details in future newsletters.