what is Pluto 2/24/15 2.per Alex H.

where is it? not somewhere we can see it with a naked eye because it too far away for us to see it we have to use something called a telescope?.

Who discovered it?

Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto in the early 30's/1934.
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How many moons?

How far is it? is 3,670,050,000 miles from the sun in kilometers its 590,637,627,2 kilometers.There's different distances in miles and kilometers


Its technically the smallest planet in the solar system.A small little planet that's cold dark and even cold. It even had people argue about if it a planet or not so this little planet caused a lot of commotion in this world!!!.
Will Pluto ever become a planet again? yes it will become a planet again.Well it might not become a planet but let see what the future holds for Pluto.