New Door Code & Reminders

To begin the academic year 2016 - 2017

First & Foremost,

Thank you for allowing The Learning Cottage Education team a day of training & preparation for the new school year! Educators trained on policies and procedures, classroom management techniques and tools for calming children and creating a positive daily setting and feelings. The school as a whole got an extra deep clean. Thieves Oil has been diffused in each learning environment (a Young Living Blend used just like an antibiotic, killing airborne germs) and Purification Oil has been placed in all air filters; pulling this Young Living blend through the air to do just as it's name sates; purify! Classrooms were strategically put back in place to meet the needs of each child and age group. Centers were created to enhance learning goals and provide creative opportunity. Finally, a dash of love, a heap of creativity and too many cups to count of positive vibes were placed into each learning environment.
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