smoke is a joke

smoking is life decision

lung cancer

smoking can cause lung cancer When a person has lung cancer, they have abnormal cells that cluster together to form a tumor. Unlike normal cells, cancer cells grow without order or control and destroy the healthy lung tissue around them.

teens smoking

if you are a parent and your teen or child is smoking and you are not okay with it and you want to take control over it and stop them then listen up smoking is a horrible thing if you are smoking you might be influencing your child to smoke and giving clues like

its okay to smoke

its not bad

i do it

if you do want to stop your child then start by giving them ruels or just click o the previous link below and you can give advice to your child about how smoking is a bad thing and to STOP also to take control over it then click here >

dont fall for the smoke joke

smoke is a joke and its not funny its serious

why is smoking so serious

smoking is so serious

because it is life threatening, if you are pregnant and you smoke the baby can die in you or have problems when it comes out also it will on a high percentage get very very sick

smoke is a joke

you and your family can have a tough time if you smoke and it would be your fault also take smoking serious its a life treating situation so , don't put your self in it lastly parents here is the link again for advice if you child smokes down below

by -emily rodrigue

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