American Education 1970s

By: Bradi Ore and Hillary Pina

American Education In 1970's

•People didn't have high income so hey didn't want to spend any money on education

•Many schools suffered from inadequate funding

•People with disabilities had better chances in school

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Desegregation and busing involved

•The civil rights movement continued to push for equality. Problem stemmed partially from the tradition of neighborhood schools.

Bilingual Education

•The supreme court ordered that a group of Spanish speaking student be granted bilingual education. In 1971 the supreme court ordered the journey of two school districts in Texas on Spanish speaking and the other English speaking.

Gender Equality

•In 1972, Title IX or the equal opportunity in education act was passed and this meant that boys and girls had the same rights in school if the school is receiving federal funds.


•1975 the education for all handicapped children was passed by congress

•This was a guaranteed free public education for children with disabilities

• This allowed that the education took place in the least restricted environment.

Timeline in the 1970's

  • In 1971, the Supreme Court ordered the joining two schools in Texas, one that primarily spoke Spanish, the other English.

  • In 1972 the Equal Opportunity in Education Act was passed.

  • In 1974, the Supreme Court found out that the Spanish speaking students had limited English skills.

  • In 1975, Congress passed the Education for All Handicapped Children Act.

  • In 1978, more women were enrolled in college then men, for the first time