St. Joseph

By: Jonathan Stuecker, John Spinetto, & Matthew Baron

The Son of Jacob

Saint Joseph was born in Bethlehem around 90B.C. Joseph, who was the son of Jacob, had six brothers, though he was the third. His parents had lived in a very large house just outside Bethlehem, which had once been the ancestral home of David, whose father Isai or Jesse had owned it. By the time of Joseph there was little remaining of the old house except the inner walls. Joseph could be said to be a “model husband” because he was a man who obeyed God and clung to his wife. Joseph also was a man who thought of his vocation to be more important than his career as when he was told in a dream to take Mary and the child to safety for King Herod wished to have the child killed. He could have easily left without Mary and the child and go back to Nazareth, where he had been a business man. Joseph was easily convinced to be pious by his being the foster-father of Jesus, the Son of God.

Saint Joseph was a carpenter by trade of his father. He was canonized because he was the father of Jesus. He was also canonized because he was caring and gentle. He took Mary as his wife and cared for her child who was not his. An angel appeared to him in a dream and told him that Mary and been conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit, and commanded him to take her as his wife and care for the child. He does not appear in Jesus’ public life. This is a prayer we pray to him “Saint Joseph, patron of the universal Church, watch over the Church as carefully as you watched over Jesus, help protect it and guide it as you did with your adopted son. Amen.” Joseph loved Jesus. He protected him with his life just like any other father would do. We know that Joseph followed and obeyed God and his wishes. He took Jesus and his family to Jerusalem for Passover every year.

People most benefited from him being Jesus’s foster father. That is because back in that time if you were pregnant without a husband then you got in trouble. Since he was Mary’s husband then she didn't get in trouble. We celebrate Joseph with a feast day. The feast day is on March 19. The most important and impressive thing about Joseph is that he accepted to become Jesus’s foster father. If he didn’t accept then Mary would have been pregnant without a husband and would have been in trouble. Joseph planned to quietly divorce Mary. That night an angel came to Joseph in his dream and told him that the baby was Jesus was the son of God. The next day, Joseph accepted to be Mary’s husband, and then Mary didn’t get in trouble. He is the Patron of the Universal Church. Joseph was a carpenter before he was Jesus’s father.

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