Ms. DeLany's Class News

August 31-September 2, 2015

In the classroom

Well, the big news in class today was meeting our Bearded Dragon and choosing a name for him. Speedy it is. You should see him chase crickets! In reading we are focusing on fairy tales and their special characteristics. Phonics is a review of alphabet letter names, sounds, and handwriting formation. We are beginning Writer's Workshop this week. Science objectives are observing, describing, and sorting objects. In math we are subitizing- recognizing quantities in formations without counting. Think dots on a die. Wednesday is Kuleana Day and we will dress in our Hawaiin outfits. We will have a great week!

Looking for a volunteer(s)

Sight Word Tester:

I was so excited about the number of parents I had volunteer for things in our classroom! I have a few assembly projects I will send home later this week. But... I am ready to start sight word lists and I can't do it until I have a volunteer (or two) to help with testing. One day a week. Any day as long as it stays the same each week. It is super simple. You just have to listen to kiddos read a list of words and mark them correct or incorrect. No teaching involved! Email me if you are interested or could be persuaded to be interested. :)

Please contact me with any concerns, questions, or stories you want to share about your child.

Early Release Day

Wednesday, Sep. 2nd, 12:30pm

7009 Woodbridge Parkway

Sachse, TX