starting 6TH grade

Good luck!!!!!!

Where u go and what u do

First of i am going to say good luck because i no we all don't like school.

The way this school works is that there are house in each grade each grade has there own house. 6TH grade has the orange house,7TH grade is the blue house,8TH grade is the green house.All the houses are made the same so u will always no ware u need to go but u have other classes out side your house like art P.E and drama.Those u will find out by your self.

Clubs and other

You can do A lot of other stuff to do like clubs and other stuff. when your in 7th and 8th you can do sports like foot ball and baseball and other sports like that. I play Foot ball

and i get out of class a lot because i play a sport but in order to play u have to have good grades to play so do your home work.

Joplin East Middle School